Home Study Process

We have a busy week ahead of us!  Our first home study interview is scheduled for Tuesday after work.  We are meeting the social worker at a Panera in Overland Park.  The second interview is Thursday after work.  This one will be at our house.  We had to buy a fire extinguisher to prepare for this one because apparently our home is not safe without one.  We don’t even get extra credit points for the not-required carbon monoxide alarm.  The third and fourth interviews are individual interviews with our case worker.  These will take place a week from tomorrow at Panera again.

After our homestudy interviews are complete our case worker will type up her findings, which takes a few weeks.  We will get our documents notarized and then go through some steps with US Immigration.  Then our dossier will be nearly complete!

So what do we talk about during the home study?  That’s a good question and I don’t really know the answer.  Since we are adopting from Ethiopia we had to order this workbook called the Self Awareness Tool.  We spent Friday night going through it, yes we are THAT cool.  Don’t be jealous.

The Self Awareness Tool is a little…annoying.  It sets up a story like “Bob and Sue are adopting a 3 year old.  They have 2 biological children and feel like the need to ‘rescue’ a child.’  Bob’s brother sometimes says things like ‘blacks are fast runners.'”  etc….then there are discussions on how will they tell their biological children, why wanting to ‘rescue’ someone is not a good reason to adopt, and how they should handle Bob’s brother.  There are some good points here and there and I’ll blog about those at some point, but 32 sheets full of these questions is a bit much.  They’re big sheets too.  Anyway, we need to have that complete by Tuesday because I know that is one of the things we discuss.

Other than that, I think they just try to get to know you and your beliefs and make sure you’re not some child molesting creepo.  We really love our social worker and are not worried about this step- call me weird but I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.  More to come after the interviews!


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3 responses to “Home Study Process

  1. Aunt Di

    You two will blow them away on this step! Know that I’ll be thinking of you….good luck!

  2. Aunt Annette

    You guys have been really busy. Good luck. You won’t have any trouble with the social worker. You have a great gift of language and can sell ice to a sn0wman. I enjoy reading your blogs. Aunt Annette. Bye

  3. justjames44

    Thank you both. Aunt Annette…is that a nice way of telling me that I talk too much? LOL. 🙂

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