Home Study Round One

Somebody tell me why I would wear a white shirt and bring lasagna on the day I have a home study after work?  After blotting away a minor lunch time incident, I was ready for this meeting.

I should start by telling you about our case worker Nikki.  She’s awesome.  She is about our age and really knowledgable and passionate about adoptions.  She is a little shorter than me with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes.  She has an infectious smile and something about her spirit just makes you want to be friends with her.  We had lunch with her a few months ago before we applied to adopt and it was great to see her again.

She started out by answering some questions we had.  I appreciate that she is honest with us, even if the information she is telling us is not what we want to hear.  We then talked about some of the issues from the work book we went through, and she informed us of some resources such as the International Adoption Clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital or classes in basic Amharic at an Ethiopian church.  She asked us some questions like what inspired us to adopt, why Ethiopia, etc.  This whole process is a bit redundant because we had already answered those questions in our autobiographies.  When she asks us she says “I already know the answer from your paper, but I have to ask….”

We did find out one thing that we are not super excited about.  We were a bit optimistic in how young our kiddos will be.  Ideally, we would love a 2-year-old and a little baby.  Our chances of getting that are very very slim.  She told us that unless we want to wait forever, we really need to be open to 4 and under.  That could mean a 4-year-old and a 3-year-old.  Not exactly what we were originally picturing.  If we really want a baby, we need to adopt a single baby.

Mark and I didn’t have a chance to talk about this during the home study, but we had some good conversations when we got home.  Although we would love a baby, we are sticking with siblings.  We both like the idea of our kids having a partner throughout all of this.  I’ve also started imagining our home with two kids, and one baby sounds rather boring.  Also, we found out the time you are referred to a child to the time you bring them home is averaging about six months.  So realistically, if you a referred a newborn baby, the youngest you’ll bring them home at  is six months old.  And more likely you are referred at about six or nine months and bring them home at 12 or 15 months.  We’re holding our breath that the youngest is young, and we don’t want to scrap everything we’re excited about for a few extra months.  Does that make sense?

Besides that bit of news,  things went well.  Our next one is Thursday at our house; anybody want to party Wednesday night? 😉


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  1. Larry

    Thanks for the update! I’m glad you are sharing your experience with all this, it’s very informational and I feel as though I’m right there with ya…part of the family!

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