Home Study Three and Four, and Annoying Things

Most days I am very excited about the adoption and don’t mind doing all the work that comes with it.  Other days I get very annoyed at all the crap you have to do.  Today is an other day.

I’ll start out with our final home study visits, which went well.  Mark met with Nikki for an hour at Panera, and then he left and I came in.  We high-fived in the parking lot as we were switching out.  She just asked us more questions like what our relationships with our parents/siblings are now and when we were growing up, how we would describe ourselves, blah blah blah.  Mom, Dad, in case you’re wondering I used the words unselfish and hippie free-spirit to describe you guys- I’ll let you guys figure out which one belongs to you.

If you are adopting and are worried or stressed-out about the home study, don’t be.  There are a lot of things to worry about during this process but the home study is not one of them.

Even though our interviews are over, our work has just begun.  Nikki will take a few weeks to type her findings, and then we will do some stuff with immigration.  The immigration takes another few weeks- anywhere from 4-8, so pray for closer to four.  Their fees are raising by about $60 in mid-November.  I think we’ll miss that, but I’m a little worried that there will be a rush of people that want to avoid the fee increase that may make it take a little longer.  I hope I’m wrong.

We don’t have to do much directly related to immigration, so that gives us time to get everything else done.  The goal is to submit our dossier as soon as we get the immigration stuff back.  In order to do that, we need to take online classes, take a parenting class at a local hospital, and get fifty thousand documents notarized and state certified.  Nikki also recommended starting our immunizations. 

So back to this being an annoying day.  I went to the doctor’s office today to get my medical letter notarized.  After she notarized it, I saw that her license expires in January.  Their licenses can’t expire in the next year or it’s not valid.  So now I have to get another letter from a doctor I barely know and get it notarized again.  How am I supposed to get it notarized when the only person at their office who is a notary is no good to me?  Annoying.  Luckily Mark’s aunt is a notary and is going to work with us on this.  Love ya, Aunt Tina.

Also, you have to send these papers off to make sure you’re not a child molester.  It’s free.  But it takes two months.  Since things are going fairly fast for us, we’re going to need it before then.  So what do you do?  Fill out an online application and pay $22.  I know that’s not a lot, but it annoys me that there are all these small fees that you’re not expecting.  They add up.  I guess I should be glad there’s that option, though.

Another stupid fee.  After all your papers are notarized, you send them to the state to get certified.  In Missouri, that’s $10 a document with a cap at $100.  We’ll definitely meet that cap.  Well, since I work in Kansas, my employment letter has to be notarized in Kansas, and I have to send it to Kansas to be certified.   So that’s an extra $7.50 plus probably $4 in shipping.  Oh, and I already have that notarized, but the date of the letter doesn’t match the date of the notarization so I have to redo that one too.  ANNOYING!

Done venting.  Feeling a little discouraged today but trying to remember that this will all be worth it.  In two years.  Don’t they know I’m from the generation of immediate gratification??!!


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