Baby Class

If you are a first time parent, our agency requires you to take a parenting class.  They suggest you do this at a local hospital.  I find this to be really pointless because all those classes are geared towards newborn babies.  But they didn’t ask for my opinion, so tonight at 6:00 we arrived at Liberty Hospital for Baby Basics.  The class is designed to get you through your first two weeks at home with baby- pretty applicable for us, huh?  We learned all kinds of exciting things like putting your baby to sleep on their back, car seat safety, what to do about diaper rash and so on, but the most exciting was learning how to swaddle.  When we got home Mark practiced:

He was obviously listening well- boys got swaddling skills!  Too bad I’m not as cute as a baby.

The best part was that the three hour class actually only lasted two hours, and we took this important certificate home.  One more thing crossed off the list!



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