Sitting Waiting Wishing

Mark had guys night tonight so you know what that means- free night for myself!  For me, that means dying my hair and watching girly TV shows.  I very rarely watch live TV.  I DVR shows I like so that when I feel like watching TV I have a list of shows to choose from.  Tonight I chose Giuliana and Bill.  If infertility is of interest to you and you don’t watch this show, get on it.  They have had a lot of struggles and on the episode I watched tonight she miscarried a baby conceived through IVF. She’s kind of Hollywood but overall it’s a great show.  I got so absorbed that I accidentally left my hair dye on a little too long.

It’s sort of a slow time with adoption stuff right now.  We are just waiting for our social worker to type up our home study.  She should be done any day now…and will hopefully be done before immigration fees go up mid-month.  We can’t start the immigration stuff until we have that home study.

There will be several slow times during this process but I would like to blog throughout it all.  I have a list of topics I want to write about but it is a small list, so if you have any questions or things you would like to know more about,  please pass those along.  I would love that.  Nothing is off limits, so feel free to be nosy.

Back to myself night.  Now that I’m done with my hair I think I’ll have a glass of wine.  Have a good one.





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2 responses to “Sitting Waiting Wishing

  1. Cindy King

    Jayme, I really enjoy reading your blog. You are a great writer, and I just feel like we are on the phone and you are telling me all of these interesting stories. Good luck with everything and I hope you enjoyed your night, sounds like a good time!

  2. Michelle Ramirez

    You made me laugh on this one…first thing that popped into my mind is enjoy your wine now….and your quiet alone time now….as the mommy, those days will soon be gone 🙂 My best alone time now is driving in rush hour traffic 🙂 I don’t even get to use the bathroom alone many times! ha,ha. It is all worth it though – nothing better than being a mom!

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