I really did not want to be the family that annoys the social worker, so I had promised myself that I would not ask her about when our home study would be done.  But I couldn’t take it anymore!  I finally sent her this email yesterday:

So, I swore that I was not going to be that annoying girl that bugs the social worker to see when the home study will be done.  But, here I am.  Don’t consider it bugging.  Consider it expectation setting.  Any idea when you will be finished so that I can stop obsessively checking my email?

She replied (very nicely I might add) and said it will be early next week!  Yahoo!!!

On another topic, one thing that has been on my mind lately is our babies development.  I watch my new mom friends obsess over breastfeeding and tummy time, buy Baby Einstein videos, and constantly dote on their babies.  All the things I would be doing if I was a new mom.  But then I think about how our babies will not have had that.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it a worry, just something I’ve been thinking about.

I shared these thoughts with my friends Tanya and BJ, and Tanya told me about this movie called Babies.  The documentary film follows babies from Japan, the US, Africa, and Mongolia from first breath to first steps.  It is sad and interesting at the same time.  It was hard to watch the African baby feed while mom was sitting in the dirt surrounded by flies. But ultimately, all the babies develop and grow.  I know research shows how important the prenatal and first years are.  But I have to think that love and experiences can shape you more than tummy time or Baby Einstein can.  I would go crazy if I didn’t believe that.



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4 responses to “Babies

  1. Tabitha

    Consider yourself like any other mom…wondering and worrying about these types of questions. Even though our situations are different, I still worry if I am doing everything right. Should I have bought the more expensive exersaucer, it had more toys on it?? Should I buy a Little Einstein video to help her with development? Should I make sure she gets so many minutes of tummy time every day? The questions are ENDLESS. I agonize over the possibilities…but rest assured that whether or not I get everything right I can’t go wrong with lots of love.

  2. Leah

    You will be great Jayme. Yes some kids are fortunate enough to get baby Einstein and all of those other aids… but many don’t, and they need great parents too. And you will give your children all the love they could possibly ever want! If it is truly God’s will, then everything will work out the way it is meant to 😀

  3. kasey klugman

    it will all work out great…the fantastic family/home you 2 will provide will be everlasting more then baby einstein ever would…some kids will be nursed others bottled…and on and on…and we all just try our best with what we have and play the cards we are delt to the best we can…and its the secure home and love you 2 will give that will help them grow up sound and secure…

    and if you want to watch a funny clip showing the truth in it..chk out this..pure hilarity…SO SO FUNNY and so true 🙂

  4. Sarah Burton

    Jayme…I can totally hear your heart in this post, so I don’t want this to come off flippant, but all those Baby Einstein videos were recalled, after being shown to not help kiddos develop!

    I think you’re definitely justified in your concern for the development of you and Mark’s babies, whoever they are and whoever they will become. It must be overwhelming to not yet have active participation in their lives at this stage! 😦 Trust that the Lord knows those kiddos, loves them, and is already preparing them to become part of your family!

    Videos or no videos, you and Mark are going to be awesome parents, and even more important, the Lord’s grace is over you and your kids, and His power is made perfect in our weaknesses. ~Sarah

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