Fingerprint Appointment: Check

First of all thanks for all your comments and suggestions regarding coffee!!   I learned that (1) My sister REALLY likes coffee and (2) Chocolate really does make everything better.  Even coffee.  I’ll keep you updated.

Last week we FINALLY got the letter we have been waiting for from immigration.  It took them right at three weeks, which is very much on the long side of what we expected, so we were very glad to find it waiting in our mailbox.

We sent in our I-600 application right before Thanksgiving.  The I-600 is “To classify an alien orphan who will be adopted by a U.S. citizen as an immediate relative of the U.S. citizen to allow the child to enter the United States.”  Basically, it means the children will be U.S. Citizens when we return from Ethiopia with them. This is an important step.  You have to have this application approved before you can move forward with the process.  So you have to apply, then they send you a letter with a date for you to get fingerprinted, you get fingerprinted, and then a few weeks later they send you another letter that says you’re approved.  We were just waiting for that fingerprint appointment letter.

The immigration people are teases!  About 10 days after we mailed in our application, we received something in the mail from them.  After a little squeal and an excited jump, we found that this letter was just stating that they had received our application and would be sending us our appointment soon.  A few days later, we received another letter from them.  Repeat squeal and jump.  Repeat disappointment- this was just telling us that they had processed our payment and application.  Meanies.

But this week it was the real deal.  Our appointment is on January 4th…another three weeks.  But being the impatient goal-oriented person that I am, I drove by their office (it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find their phone number) last week to ask if they take walk-ins.  They do!  So next week we will be going there as soon as Mark and I can coordinate schedules.

That’s about all that’s been going on in adoption-land.  More to come, hopefully soon.  Like this week.  After my walk-in plan goes very smoothly and I’m not at all ticked off that we had to wait three hours, but very pleased to tell you how quick and efficient it all was.  A girl can hope.



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2 responses to “Fingerprint Appointment: Check

  1. Kaydee

    Yay! One step closer. The new year will start off well, with most of the work on your side behind you…? What do you have left to do now, other than wait and pay?

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