Fingerprints: Success!

Exciting things are happening!

Today we tried to walk in for our fingerprint appointment.  We went to this little office building tucked behind some hotels by the airport.  We knew it was a very high-security building.  I like to take pictures of everything but they won’t let you bring cameras inside, so I had Mark pose in front of the “Department of Homeland Security” sign out front.  Just before I could snap the picture, a security guy strolled by and Mark asked if we could take pictures outside.  The guy was very nice but said no, we weren’t supposed to, but he would pretend like he didn’t see it.  That would have been fine if I already had the picture….so I took it really fast after he turned around.  Mission #1 accomplished.  I would love to post it on here but considering the circumstances I think I’ll just save it for our photo books.

After that the process really went about as smoothly as it possibly could.  We had to get our things scanned and walk through a metal detector, just like you have to do at the airport.  There was no one waiting, so as soon as we filled out a form it was our turn.  Then we went to the back, did our fingerprints on the computer (no ink) and were completely  done in about 20 minutes.  Everyone we came across was super friendly and wished us luck with the adoption.

During the last month we have also been taking required online classes.  You have to take these before they will put you on the waiting list.  They have names like “Conspicuous Families”, “Helping Adopted Children Cope with Grief and Loss”, “The Journey Of Attachment”, “Medical Issues in International Adoption”, “Adopting the Older Child”, and “Adopting from Africa.”  Some of them were more interesting than others.  All of them were a little long.  There was a lot of overlap between the classes.  Some of them had questions that amused us such as “True/False- I want to adopt so I have an heir to pass on the family name.”  Overall they were a little painful to get through, but we did learn a few things and had some good discussions.

We have also sent all of our adoption paperwork to the agency so they can tell us if everything looks okay.  There are a couple things we have to redo, but nothing major.

A few of you have asked me what is next.  We should get our approval from Immigration in the next few weeks.  The goal is to have everything ready to go so that the day we get that approval we can get it notarized and then get everything state certified.  Then federal certified.  And then the real wait begins- that’s a huge step.  Everything is coming together and we are very excited!


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  1. Jenn Presberry

    Girl! You are on the ball. I couldn’t be more pleased for you both. Continue to push forward through this part, though I’m sure it’s painfully tedious. We’ll continue to pray for your future kiddos!

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