Organized Chaos

There are so many steps to adoption that sometimes it is hard to keep track of exactly where you’re at.  And it’s even harder to explain to others.  I thought it would be helpful if I created an outline.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure (WordPress doesn’t like single spacing after a hard return, sorry it looks so long).

I’m sure there are sub-steps under Wait and Travel, I just don’t know what they are yet so I’ll fill those in as we go along.  We are currently waiting for the approval from CIS.  However, we already have all of the parent education classes complete.  Once we receive that approval, we just have to get it notarized and then we jump to certify papers at the state level.  From there on out there’s a lot going on, but not much that we have to do.  Party on.

1)      Paperwork (6 Months-ish)

     a)      Application

     b)      Agreement to Terms and Conditions

     c)       Home Study

           i)        Collect a million papers

           ii)       Complete Self-Awareness Tool

           iii)     Home Study Visits 1-4

           iv)     Receive written copy of Home Study

     d)      Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS)

            i)        Application

            ii)       Fingerprints

            iii)     Approval

     e)      Parent Education

             i)        Hospital Class

             ii)       Six Online Classes

     f)       Dossier

              i)        Collect a few more papers and ensure all are properly notarized

              ii)       Certify papers at State Level (Secretary of State)

              iii)     Bundle the papers

              iv)     Authenticate the papers (U.S. Dept of State)

              v)      Authenticate the papers (Ethiopian Embassy)

2)      Wait (about 16+ months for young siblings)

3)      Referral/Travel (6 Months-ish)


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