Organized Chaos Part Dos

I am an organized lady.  I don’t alphabetize my spice rack or color coordinate my underwear drawer, but I do regularly take days off to clean out the closets and I do send my husband Outlook meeting makers for date nights.  When things are not organized I get a little crazy.

This is how our adoption paperwork has been organized thus far:

See, everybody knows that adoption is a lot of paperwork.  But it doesn’t come all at once.  First we started off with a little booklet that explained all the different programs.  Then we got our acceptance letter.  Then we got a folder of papers with terms and conditions, explanations of services, etc.  We started off keeping everything in that little black folder.  When we outgrew the confines of two pockets, we upgraded to the green binder.  We can’t hole-punch our documents so the older papers remained in the black folder while dossier papers went in the back pocket of the green binder, class certificates in the front pocket, etc.  It was becoming apparent that it was time to upgrade again.

Today at Target I planned to get a bigger binder and several folders to keep things straight.  And then I came across this guy.

It was as if God himself was shining a spotlight on this little piece of $5.44 goodness and the angels sang “awhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwh!”   I’ve seen these expandable files before but have never had a need to use one.  It is the perfect solution to our paper organization problem, and if you are considering adopting I highly recommend you follow suit.

It’s a good start to a new year.  It’s the little things that matter, right?

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