Financial Concerns IV: What Can I Do To Help?

See parts one, two, and three.

This will be my final post in the adoption finance series, and it’s about what you can do to help. There are a few basic needs we need met:


We both believe in the power of prayer. Please pray that our children are safe and loved in Ethiopia, and that they are developing normally. Please pray for their caregivers as it is usually an incredibly hard and unselfish decision to give up their children. Pray that we can deal with any issues they may have. Please pray that we have no major unforeseen expenses and that things like our company reimbursement and tax credits are still around when we need them. Also, along with prayer your encouraging comments are so uplifting and I really enjoy reading them. It’s pretty much the highlight of a posting day.

Donation of Goods

Adoptive families do all sorts of crazy fundraisers. Spaghetti dinners, T-shirt or greeting card sales, car washes, you name it I’ve heard about it. I’m not big into fundraising…remember in elementary school when you had to sell junk to win prizes? Even the bribe of cheap plastic goodies was not enough to get me excited about knocking on neighbors’ doors. But, we are going to do one fundraiser that I think sounds fun. And that is…drumroll please…. a garage sale! We will plan to do this sometime this summer. Don’t ask for any more details, because that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I do know that we will be asking all of you for donations of items to sell. No need to donate your t-shirt with a hole in the armpit, but if you have decent quality items that are in a Goodwill pile or perhaps you were thinking of hosting a garage sale yourself…we would love to take those off your hands. Start saving them now and in a few months I’ll have a plan on how to get those to us.

Donation of Space

Really we have two needs here. One is a space to host a garage sale. We live in a townhouse with a single car garage and a driveway shared by a dozen units. We can’t have one here. Ideally we’d like to have it in North KC as that is where most of our friends and family are, but we’re also open to having one in St. Joe/Savannah or towards Overland Park where we work. Maybe we could have a couple different ones? Anyway, if you live in one of those places and wouldn’t mind letting us hijack your garage for a bit, that would be super awesome. Call or email me. In return I’ll give you celebrity via my blog.

 The other space need is a long term one. Our house has two bedrooms. Zero storage. In the summer we use the garage for storage, the rest of the year we use the second bedroom. That’s obviously not going to work when the kids come. Next year about this time we will start working on their room. We’re going to need a place to put our stuff. We had planned on doing what most normal people do and renting some space, but that is way more expensive than we thought so I decided to turn to my trusty blog readers and see what happens. We would not need the space for a year or so, but then we will need to use it for probably a couple of years until we move to a bigger house. There is a bed, several storage bins, and some random things. It’s not a lot but not a little either. If you live somewhat close to us and have some extra space that you’re not using anyways, holler at me.

Donation of Massages

Adoption is stressful sometimes. I like massages.

Just teasing about that last one. Kind of.

In all seriousness, several people have asked how they can help and a few generous souls have even offered donations. Prior to now, we weren’t really in a place to accept/decline anything because we hadn’t put serious thought into what we could do ourselves versus what we would have to rely on others and God for. This is it. And this is it in the finance series…I hope it was interesting for you.  If I missed anything or if you have any questions about this part of adoption, please feel free to comment or ask. The blog will be back to normal next time. As always, thanks for reading!



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6 responses to “Financial Concerns IV: What Can I Do To Help?

  1. Lainey Puglisi

    Hey buddy – If space is what you need, space is what the Pugs have. Our neighborhood has a subdivision sale every spring…that’s a great way to attract a lot of traffic and more buyers than you’d have with a single family sale. If you’d like to hijack (sp?) our garage for the sale, you’re more than welcome to have it. I’ll even volunteer Joe to clean up the Cobra and set it outside to attract more attention. Along the space line, we also have a big basement that’s not going to be finished for years. You’re welcome to put your extra items in our basement and we’ll come up with a way to section your stuff off to ensure there isn’t an issue with the dogs. Just some ideas…Pugs will help you however you need it…we LOVE the Millers…BIG TIME!

  2. Mandy

    Thought you would enjoy this:

    Teacher Debbie Moon’s first graders were
    discussing a picture of a family. One little boy in the picture
    had a different hair color than the other members. One of her
    students suggested that he was adopted.
    A little girl said, ‘I know all about
    adoption, I was adopted..’

    ‘What does it mean to be adopted?’, asked
    another child.

    ‘It means’, said the girl, ‘that you grew
    in your mommy’s heart instead of her tummy!’

  3. Tina

    If you need a space for an OP garage sale let us know. I think we have a Spring Garage Sale weekend too. We would love to help.

    • justjames44

      Thank you so much! A girl that I work with also volunteered her garage in OP…if something doesn’t work out with that I will let you know. I really appreciate it!

  4. Kelly

    Our town has a city wide garage sale in Sept. I know that is a lot later than when you were anticipating but you are always welcome to come this way. I know it is a little out of the way since we live so far south but I wanted to offer. Also, have you thought about having a shower when it gets closer to time? We could always help contribute to clothes and anything else you may need so you don’t have to get everything. We would love to help.

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