My Readers Rock :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your response to my last post.  We had five, count ‘em, five offers to hold a garage sale.  Thank you Lainey, Megan, Tina, Cathy, and Kelly.  We are going to try to have two sales, one at Lainey’s house near Liberty and one at Megan’s near Overland Park.  They were the first to respond and they both have neighborhood sales that bring in a lot of people.

Now I am worried if we will have enough to sell.  I have enough stuff that takes up exactly 1/3 of the space on a full size bed.  Not nearly enough for one garage sale, let alone two.  We are really relying on you guys!!  Please tell your friends, your family, and your coworkers! If you have anything to donate, please let me know.  It’s looking like the first sale will be in spring…only a few months away…yikes. (side note…I have a countdown at work and spring is exactly 62 days from today!)  We will be in St. Louis January 28th -30th and the hubby will be in Columbia the first weekend in February, so if you live there and would like to contribute we would be very happy to pick something up.  If you live locally it is probably best if you hold onto your items for another month or two or three, but if you could let me know that you have stuff to donate that would really help prevent me from freaking out about getting in over my head me feel good about all this.

Lainey and her fabulous husband Joe also offered to let us take over the basement for storage.  Well, Lainey did.  Hopefully she talked to Joe first.  Thank you.  And thank you Cathy for your generous offer as well.  I just love you guys.

Well, I had an actual post planned for today but you’ve already read a lot, and it’s a holiday, yo.  Don’t want to overdo it.  I will post again in a couple days.  Thanks again for being awesome.



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4 responses to “My Readers Rock :)

  1. Jessi (Corwin) Richards

    Jayme & Mark,
    I have a bunch of clothes I was planning on taking to Goodwill (both me and my husbands) and a few random household things (yay getting married and upgrading everything). If you want to get them while you’re in St. Louis, let me know. I’d be happy to give it to you for your garage sales. Just email or call me at 314 800 8041.

  2. Jayme,
    We have some stuff that is taking up space from our last garage sale. I’m also on a current mission to de-junk our house. Part of it was going to be garage sale, part of it Goodwill, and part of it, well, I hadn’t figured out the last part yet – it’s kind of a new project I’m starting. Anyway, I am sure that Edward wouldn’t mind if there was less stuff for him to deal with. I’ll see what I can gather up for you guys – I’m more than happy to give it to you. We have a big bulletin board at work also, with your “ok” I’ll post on there and try and see if I can collect some stuff for you guys. No clue what you’d get, but I work with great people, and I imagine they’d be willing. 🙂

  3. Les and Laura Miller

    Jayme,Laura and I have lots of stuff for your garage sale,Laura has a week off coming up and we will go through and box up the items.I will also speak to grandma and my friends about donations to your sale!

  4. Kaydee

    Hey sis.
    I already took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill a couple months ago. But most of that was crap; I left the good stuff to sell on Ebay or Craigslist. That’s a pain though so I will give it to you. That’s all I have to offer since we are selling our house.
    I’d also be glad to come help you work the sale if need be.
    Love you.

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