We’re Getting There!

This week is looking up and we are making some progress with this adoption, folks.

This post is going to explain where we’re currently at in the process; if you’re not specifically interested in the details of international adoption this may be the most boring post of all time, but stick with me and I’ll make it worth it at the end. 🙂

Sometime last week we received the approval we’ve been waiting for from Citizenship and Immigration Services.  This was the approval for our fingerprints and it means that our children will be United States citizens the minute we go through customs with them.  Oh, how I am looking forward to that day!

This is a pretty big step because it means that all of the approvals are finished!  From here we have some documenting to do and then we are officially on The List and the wait time begins.

We had to get the approval notarized; a quick stop at the bank on Saturday took care of that.  I will refer to the handy dandy outline I put together; the next step is to certify all the papers.

Certifying the papers just means that the state says that the notary is indeed a licensed notary.  Because  you know there is a huge demand for fake notaries (sarcastic font).  It just requires you to send the papers to the Secretary of State’s office of the state the paper was notarized in.  Since we both work in Kansas, our employment letters were notarized in Kansas and had to be sent to Topeka to be certified.   All of our other papers were notarized in Missouri.  You can send them to Jeff City, but there is also an office in KC that can do it.  This morning I navigated the one way streets downtown until I found this rather intimidating building:

And made my way to room 513.

A bored boy behind the counter looked through the papers and told me to come back in a few hours.  I was leaving five months of work in this fella’s hands, luckily he was trustworthy.  Mark picked them up without any issues after work.  There is now a paper stapled to the front of all 24 documents stating that they are certified.

Tomorrow we will copy everything for our files (which is going to be really fun since we can’t unstaple them) and then send the originals to our agency.  The agency handles the bundling and authentication.  So, there is still some work to be done but it will be behind the scenes.  Our work is pretty much done for now and we just wait to be told we’re on The List!  Who’s ready to party?

This guy is.



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3 responses to “We’re Getting There!

  1. Shannon Addington

    I love you guys! You will be the best parents EVER!!

  2. judy

    Just one more day closer!!! Isn’t it exciting!! We are anxious for them to meet their GREAT UNCLE GARY AND GRRRREEEEAAAAAT AUNT JUDY!!

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