Garage Sale Ramblings…

People, I need some input.

I’m going to start going through garage sale stuff soon. We have some items we’re contributing, and when we were in St. Louis I met with my old high school cheer buddy Jessi. She just got married and sent us home with a ton of stuff. I’m going to try to organize and mark stuff as I get it so that I don’t have a ton of stuff to do two days before the sale.

It’s going to be impossible to come to the sale and not know that the proceeds are going towards adoption. I’m going to advertise the heck out of that fact. So my question for you is how should I handle the pricing of the items? Should I trust that people will have a good heart and let them pay what they want? Or should I put prices on each item like a “normal” garage sale?

You know how when you go to a restaurant with a group and the tip is included in the tab? And the tip they include is usually less than the tip you would leave? I don’t want that to happen at our sale. I don’t want to mark a cool toy for $2 when they would have paid $5 if left to their own devices. But I also don’t want to lose money if they only want to pay $2 for an old treadmill that I would have marked for $25.

So what do ya think? Or do you have another creative idea?

Also, if you have any big tables or portable clothing racks we could use those too!



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6 responses to “Garage Sale Ramblings…

  1. I’ve never had a fundraiser or a garage sale, so I have no advice. But, let me know when it is. Maybe I can drop by (with by bazillion children) 🙂

  2. I’m not sure about that either… Pros are that you can advertise it as a benefit garage sale with your specific purpose and maybe draw a more charitable crowd. Con would be that some people might take advantage of this. You need to definitely get it advertised at vineyard somehow! I would think that this is something they would be glad to do, they have a website, buliten, live announcements. You could also maybe get it announced at each small group that meets. Just ideas.

  3. Perhaps on the pricing, you can price “big” items (like the treadmill you mentioned), but then leave the smaller items up to the person purchasing? That way you don’t have to worry about the “tip” issue, but can also make sure you get what the bigger items are worth. I don’t know, just a thought.

    As for tables…Edward and I bought a bunch at an auction a few years ago. You are more than welcome to use any or all of them. (We have at least 5 tables that are 6 ft long – and I know where I can get you more should you need them.) We could probably even bring them to you if you don’t have a vehicle that would hold them. 🙂

  4. What if you price stuff what you think would be fair, but also make it possible (and obvious) that larger donations are acceptable?

  5. Brynn

    I always put a price tag of more than I want to get at a garage sale, because people are going to try to talk you down to a lower price. If you put higher than you want in the first place, let them talk you down to the price that you actually wanted. They’re happy because they haggled, and you’re happy because you get what you want out of everything! Also, at my garage sale last year, I had a lot of clothes. I put them all on a table and told everyone to price the clothes at what they felt was fair. Sure, there were a few people who took advantage, but for the most part, people paid more than had I put tags on everything (plus, it saved a ton of time!) Good luck to you and Mark!

  6. Lainey Puglisi

    Hey Jayme – I agree with Brynn’s post…I’d definitely price everything (as individual items or “all books in this basket are $2 each”). People who garage sale are cheap and want to get a great deal…most folks aren’t going to bid high out of the goodness of their heart (sorry dear, that’s reality). If you don’t have prices on anything, I think the process will be much more complicated. Another positive about pricing things is that when traffic volume is high, every buyer isn’t bothering you and Mark to know what every little thing costs. I’d also add “Donations accepted for a great cause” signs…if folks don’t find anything they want or need, they may still be compelled to shell out some cold, hard cash for a great cause.

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