Happy Mother’s Day and Stuff

Happy Mother’s Day!  I am blessed with an amazing mother, an awesome mom-in-law, and the best grandmas in the land.  Thank you all for providing me examples of love and beauty.  I can’t wait to spend next Mother’s Day with my little ones!  Mark was going for husband of the year award when he got me this (we can’t share pics online until they are legally ours):

So sweet.

I know there are a lot of questions about the news we recently announced, and I’ll get to them soon, promise.  But for now, I need to interrupt the exciting posts to bring you an update on our garage sale.  It’s six short days away!

Remember when I was worried we wouldn’t have enough stuff for a garage sale?  That worry is completely gone.  It started shrinking when your donations filled up our garage:

It really started disappearing when our guest room was filled:

Our living room looks like it should be on that show Hoarders:

And even our porch has fallen victim to the sale…our neighbors must love us:

No, I am no longer worried that we will not have enough stuff for a sale.  In fact, I am thinking about calling the Guinness Record people because I think this might be the largest sale of all time.

So we have the stuff, now we just need to get people there.  Can you help me spread the word?  The sale is on Saturday only at 10123 Farley Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64157, which is behind the Liberty Target.  Our friends Lainey and Joe are graciously hosting the sale.  Their whole neighborhood is having a sale, so it will be a great place to get some good deals and would probably be worth a trip if you don’t live near that area.

If you want to send out an email to your network, hang something up at work, or put something on your work intranet, that would be great.  I drafted these you can use, or feel free to write up your own.   Thanks so much!  We are feeling overwhelmed with your love….and with your donations.  We are anxious to start moving this stuff out of our house, but when I look at it all I see is the love and support of the people around us.  I can’t wait to show our kids these pictures and tell them about all of the people…all of you…who helped bring them home.  Thank you.

A sign:


Saturday, May 14, 2011, 8-3


Over 30 Families at one sale, plus many other sales in the neighborhood!

All proceeds benefit the adoption of a 5-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl from Ethiopia

Couch, Tables, Ladders, Chairs, Clothes Galore, Tent, Home Items, Lots of Baby Stuff

For more information, www.jmhandinhand.wordpress.com

Or an email:

Hi- Our friends Mark and Jayme Miller are adopting a 5-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl from Ethiopia.  They are hosting a benefit garage sale to help fund the adoption.  Over 30 families have donated items for this sale; the items include many furniture pieces, home items, and baby stuff.  Plus, the neighborhood is having a sale so there will be lots of bargains to be found!  The sale is this Saturday, May 14th, from 8-3 at 10123 Farley Ave, Kansas City MO 64157.  If you’re interested in reading more about their story, check out Jayme’s blog:  www.jmhandinhand.wordpress.com.  Hope you can make it!

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