Feeling Lucky?

I have exciting news.  Probably not as exciting as the fact that we’re adopting two kids from Africa (!), but exciting nonetheless.

I’m having a contest!

I realize that not all of you are the blog nerds that I am, but I read a lot of blogs.  And all of my favorite ones have periodic contests.  I am pumped to be joining the ranks!

To win the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post with the amount of money you think we’ll raise in the garage sale AND your favorite item from the site below.  Your comment must be posted by midnight on Friday, May 13th.  I already told you that we have a lot of stuff to sell, but we will also be taking donations, so make sure to figure that into your total.  Let’s be honest, your chances are waaaay better than winning the PowerBall!  You have nothing to lose.  The closest person without going over wins.

So what do you win?

Check out TengoMiedo Clay. (For those of you who aren’t very internet-savvy, just click on the underlined words).  You’ll find many items created by the talented Amanda Barr.  Amanda once studied Spanish Literature, but along the way she found ceramics and never looked back.  Her work is influenced by her studies; you’ll find many items use words, phrases, quotes, or song lyrics.  She hopes that each person will find a piece that speaks to them- they may not be at all interested in one piece but fall in love with another.  Amanda hand-makes all items in her studio.

The winner will win a $20 credit to Amanda’s awesome shop. Here are a couple dreamy pieces:

My favorite is the vintage script heart!  What’s yours?

Please post your garage sale guess and your favorite item as a comment to this post.  Comment on my blog, not on facebook.  Mark asked me what I would do if no one commented and I said cry…you don’t want that do you?

Good luck!



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36 responses to “Feeling Lucky?

  1. Stephanie


    I like the I love u ring bowl!

  2. Monica


    I looove the vintage script heart

  3. Tabbi

    Love the sake set! I think you will make at least 3k.

  4. Emily B


    I like the Conjoined Skeletons Dip Bowl

    Have fun on Saturday! Wish I was there to help out!

  5. justjames44

    PS…If there is more than one guess…like if we raise $2001 and 3 people guessed $2000, the first person to guess it will win…so don’t repeat guesses!

  6. Josh Burton

    $2785…Hope I’m WAY low! 🙂 My favorite are the Swallow Dip Bowls. ~Sarah Burton

  7. Barb W

    My guess is $4125.00. The Vintage Script Love Letter. Good luck!!!!!!

  8. justjames44

    You guys are crazy! No way we’ll raise that much. 🙂 But keep the good vibes coming! – Mark

  9. brooke ponce

    $3500…..at least!

  10. justjames44

    Mark’s guess is $50. He’s not really into garage sales 🙂

  11. Shannon Addington

    My guess may be a little low, but it’s the first number that popped into my head, and I’m the kind of gal who follows her gut. $1,925.75. My favorite was the corseted angel desert plate. I hope you make a lot more money than my guess.

  12. Leah

    $2341.50 =) Although I’m praying for MORE! And my fave is the vintage script heart.

  13. Chris

    $1406 is my winning entry. If lieu of my gift card I would just like to know what the bead in the back did to make the front beads so hateful.

  14. Connie Campbell

    My guess is 3101.01! Good Luck! Glad to hear you will be doubling your egg intake! =)

  15. Lainey Puglisi

    My first thought was $1236 (although I hope your actual total crushes that number). Joe’s first thought was $73 (Joe’s not much into garage sales either). I love the vintage script items…or possibly the expletive hearts depending on my mood 🙂

  16. Rebecca A.

    $1000. But, I agree with Lainey, I hope you make more than that! Congrats on the kiddos!

  17. willponce


    I LOVE Letter Alphabet Dip Bowls 🙂

  18. Kaydee

    My guess is $2,777 and my favorite is the Key to my Heart.

  19. anne flynn

    $2839, i love the script love letter dessert plates!

  20. Cassie Johnson

    I vote for the heart and my guess is $4587 raised!

  21. Leah

    My guess is 1,250.00 although hopefully more!
    My favorite was the octopus dip bowl! so cute!

  22. Heidi Davis

    I hope you make $10,000. But my guess is more along the lines of $1200. And I absolutely love the “key to my heart ring bowl” on the sculptors website because I can name all the vessels in the heart: aorta, pulmonary vein, vena cava, etc.! Hope your sale rocks!

  23. I really hope you make more than any of the “official” guesses! But, my guess is $3,211.88!

  24. Ann

    Well I hope you raise all you need, I need to do this as well to pay for surgery for my son or he may go blind. I wish for you $6020.11 but I would say more like $2565.00. My favorite piece is the Sand script heart . I hope it brings you luck.
    If I had the money I wanted to adopt from China.

  25. Jayme – I hope you make a million! I am so excited to see how you both have embraced this decision. God is certainly leading you! Blessings!!!

  26. Cathy

    My guess is $4,227.50. Hopefully TONS more! I really like the Love Ring Bowl.

    Good luck with the sale. Another idea to help get MORE money…sell refreshments at the garage sale. Get some bottled water and soda..and sell put them in coolers to sell. Some people will even grill hot dogs and sell those too. People really do buy this stuff. Trust me. I garage sale a lot. 🙂 Just thought I’d pass that on.

  27. Janessa Paden

    I will have to guess $1682.50 🙂 I really hope you make even more off the sale. It is a great idea. I really need to have one too! Good luck, I’m so proud of you both for what you are doing. We are done with our own kids since Matthew was so early. Maybe in the future we may adopt.

    I will have to go with the crowd and say I love the vintage script hearts!

  28. sara

    The heart! $2000

  29. brooke

    Oh, and I like the vintage script platter

  30. Mark

    $73.67. I like the alphabet dip bowls!

  31. Kelly J.

    I wish you the best of luck with your yard sale and hope you make a ton of money toward your expenses! I like the vintage script hearts and my guess is $3,337.45. P.S. I love following your adoption journey; thank you for sharing!

  32. Tanya Appling


  33. Melissa

    My guess is $2163.50

    Vintage Script Heart

  34. Brooke O

    My guess is $3212, but we hope more! I like the Vintage script platter

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