Fundraising Garage Sale Reflections and Wrap Up

One more post related to our garage sale, and then I will move on to much more exciting things.

We really enjoyed ourselves on Saturday and couldn’t be happier about the money we raised.  We have a lot of thank yous- Thanks to Lainey and Joe Puglisi for donating not only their garage but their entire house, thanks to Kevin Townsend for supporting us in a million different ways, thanks to Jen and Ricky Presberry for bringing us food when we were starving, thanks to Sara Rotkoff for donating coffee, thanks to everyone who spread the word about the sale and ensured a good turnout despite the weather- especially Candice Cavalier, Brandon Hoffman, and Connie Campbell, and thank you to everyone who came to the sale, donated towards the sale, prayed for us, or donated financially towards the adoption.  I feel like I’m giving an Oscar speech or something!! 

With the sale over, I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders.  We have our house back.  I can think about fun things like room themes and school supplies rather than focusing all my energy towards the sale.  The sale was a little more work than I thought it would be.  A lot more work, actually.  I knew having a garage sale was work.  What I didn’t anticipate was how much extra work it is to have a sale that was not at your house.  If I had a big garage that I could sacrifice for a few weeks and set things up as I received them in, that would not be much trouble at all.  But to let it pile up at our house, to transport those piles into new piles at a different house, and then to organize everything in one day and try to get it out quickly really took a lot of energy and time.  If you are adopting or have another need to do a fundraiser, I do think a garage sale is a great way to raise a decent amount of money.  But I am not sure I would do another one that was not at my house.

Which brings me to my next point.  We originally planned to have a second sale in September.  That sale is off.  Partially because of what I mentioned above, but mostly because we hope to be traveling around that time.  Traveling to Africa to meet our kids, that is!  I will have more on our next steps in an upcoming post, but I can tell you I’ll have way too much on my mind around that time to mess with having another sale, lucrative as it may be.  If you had items for that, I can still take them if you think they’ll sell online, or I can help you find a place to donate them.  The agency that works with refugees, Jewish Vocational Services, is a great place with a lot of need and I have good contacts there.

And with that, friends, I am closing the door on the garage sale chapter of this adoption and opening the door of all the preparations we need to make in the next few months.  Let the craziness begin.

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