Lessons Kids Teach Us

There are a lot of things about having kids that I’m looking forward to.  I can’t wait to help them with homework, go to their soccer games and gymnastics practice, watch them learn English and make friendships, play with our pups, the list is endless.  But one thing I’m really looking forward to is what I will learn from them.

I am the sort of person that likes to keep busy.  At nights after work, I usually have a to-do list of things I want to accomplish.  It usually includes piano practice and walking the dogs, and it can include any combination of making dinner, going to yoga, visiting with friends, running errands, or organizing a closet I’ve been neglecting.  I know that after the kids come I won’t have the luxury of having the nights to myself anymore.

And I am looking forward to that.  I think it is a character flaw when you get annoyed by your husband’s stories about his work day because they are infringing on your closet cleaning time.  Being forced to slow down and live outside my agenda will be good for me.

Your turn- what is a lesson your kids have taught you?  Or what do you hope to learn from your kids someday?



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4 responses to “Lessons Kids Teach Us

  1. Faith, strength, and empathy – among other things.

  2. Jessi Richards

    Ok, so I don’t have kids of my own, but I do work with them and spend a lot of time with children and have learned a lesson or two.

    The biggest one? Children are so much more resilient, strong, motivating and inspiring than we ever give them credit for.

  3. Connie Campbell

    Unconditional Love….

  4. Kelly

    As I sit waiting for my child, one big lesson I’ve already learned is that you can’t always plan everything. They have a plan of their own and it isn’t always what you planned.

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