Meet Emily. She’s Awesome.

Allow me to tell you about Emily.

I started at Sprint as a fresh out of college 22-year-old.  It was my first real job.  Emily was the admin that knew everything from how to file an expense report to the best way to foil a cubicle.  Emily intimidated me a bit at first.  She was nice, but she cussed like a sailor and spoke her mind about everything and everyone.  These types of people don’t usually like me, so over the years I’ve learned to just steer clear of them.

But Emily was different.  Under her tough exterior was a very sweet soul, and over the years we connected.  Then she moved to Texas.

We’ve kept in touch, sort of.  Thank goodness for Facebook.  Emily comes back about once a year, and we usually try to get together with the old work gang.  She visited last week, and I set up a happy hour after work.  Emily and I were the first to arrive.

As we walked in, she gave me a little photo album and told me to look at it.  I complied, but I was very confused what it was about.  There were pictures of a garage sale.

I was thinking that it was our garage sale, but I noticed she got the date wrong and felt bad that she screwed up the album.

Then I realized it wasn’t our garage sale after all.

There were pictures of people I didn’t know.

And then there was $400.



I was blown away.  Absolutely floored.  At moments like these I wish I was more of a crier, because I feel like my outside does not correctly display what my inside is feeling.  My inside was melting thinking about how incredible this was.  My inside was thinking that someone would go to all this work just to donate towards our adoption?!  My inside was doing flips.  My inside was crying with joy.

My outside said something like “EMILY!!!!!”  And then hugged her.  And she hates to be hugged.

Financially, I think we are going to be good for our adoption.  And that is a huge relief.  If you are considering adoption and finances are holding you back, take a (smart) leap of faith.  God provides in really funny ways, sometimes through people who may not even realize He’s working through them.   You never know, someone could be having a random garage sale for you in Texas.



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2 responses to “Meet Emily. She’s Awesome.

  1. Kaydee

    Yay Yay Yay! Emily IS awesome. Thanks Emily.

  2. Wonderful have a great friend in Emily.

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