What’s a Girl to Blog About While Everything is on Hold?

I’ve struggled with what to do with my blog since we got the bad news.  We talk with our agency weekly, but last week the update was “there is no update.”  I have a feeling that will be the “update” we get many weeks.  That doesn’t exactly make for exciting posts.

Before we got the news, I already had several posts planned- some of them already written.  But it felt funny to write about the rainbows and sunshine side of adoption when what we’re currently experiencing is thunder and hail.  Not just a good summer thunderstorm, but days and days of thunderstorms.  Today is day 11, with no end in sight.

In the middle of a thunderstorm, isn’t it the reminder of rainbows that sometimes gets you through?

With that in mind, I’m going to go ahead with my previously planned posts.  The tone of the posts will often conflict with how we’re currently feeling, but that’s okay.  We’re feeling okay.  We’re a little down with the whole adoption process and maybe a little short with each other, but we can’t put our whole lives on hold waiting to see when the thunder will end.  And I’m not going to put my blog on hold either.



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5 responses to “What’s a Girl to Blog About While Everything is on Hold?

  1. Jennifer Presberry

    Love you Jayme. Stay strong! We’re praying for your family.

    • Marcy

      Jayme, I know Mark from high school and this is the first blog I’ve read…but I would really like to have access to this. I think what you guys are doing is amazing and it breaks my heart that such a good thing has to be so hard for you and the kids. I really want to adopt some day and am just really proud of a fellow alumni and his wife

  2. Chris

    We are going through a somewhat similiar scenarios with our adoption. I was just curious which agency you are using?

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