Work Adoption Shower

I’ve worked with mostly the same people for the last five years, and they’re a pretty cool bunch.  Two days after our surprise adoption shower, they threw us a shower at a local pizza pub.

Many of the people I work with were able to come, plus some of Mark’s old coworkers.  They’re not old.  They just haven’t worked with Mark in awhile.  We bribed everybody with $2 beers.

Anne and Megan put the whole thing on- aren’t they cute?

They decorated the room in Ethiopian colors and strung flags to make a banner.   They got balloons that said “Congratulations!” After the shower, I promptly dropped them off at another co-workers cube.  We’re always teasing him about getting engaged. 🙂

The Costco cake was scrumptious and the conversation was delightful.  And the gifts were awesome!  We got a ton of stuff we wanted and needed.  Putting it away that night made it feel as if the kids’ room is coming together.  One lady had two big boxes of kid books that she passed along to us- several of the books had African American characters in them.  We felt like we hit the jackpot!

We truly have hit the jackpot when it comes to the people we have gotten to know in our professional lives.  Most of Mark’s current team is remote, and he really misses some of the folks he used to work with.   I am thankful to work with people who truly care about what’s going on with the adoption, that allow me to have a flexible schedule, and that make me laugh on a daily basis.  Our group has been together through weddings and babies, parents’ deaths, international trips, and family drama.  Sometimes it gets tiring talking about inventory and purchase orders and turns and refurbishment, but I wouldn’t want to talk about those things with anybody else.  Thank you work people-mine and Mark’s- for a great happy hour shower!


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