Dear Kids,

Last April we put the feelings in our hearts to action and told our agency we wanted to adopt you.  We were scared and nervous.  We never imagined our family starting with kids your age; we never imagined talking about training bras before potty training.  But it felt right, and our excitement grew as the months ticked by.  We took a class to learn how to do your hair.  Our closest friends and work colleagues had parties honoring you.  We read parenting and adoption books.  We prepared our hearts and our home for your arrival.

Now it’s nearly September.  Our hearts long to meet you, to stroke your precious faces and to watch you while you sleep.  We want our own pictures, our own videos.  We want to tour your country and meet the people who have been caring for you for the past two years.  Every day we stare at your pictures in their frames.  We want to know that you’re okay.  We want you to know that you are loved.  I pray that you can feel our love from the other side of the world.   I pray that you know you are wanted.

This whole crazy process is taking longer than we thought and hoped.  It’s frustrating.  Sometimes we worry if it is ever going to happen at all.  We were told that adoption would be a roller coaster ride, but we didn’t really understand how that felt until recently.  We know we’re not the only ones on this crazy coaster.  You’re on a coaster too, about to collide with ours at some unknown moment.  In all reality, your highs will be higher than our highs and your lows will be lower than our lows.  We want to scream in excitement with you and to hold you when it all gets to be too much.  We want to be with you during those times.  We WILL be with you during those times.  And that includes now, when “with you” only means in our thoughts.

Take care, dear little ones.  We hope to meet you soon.


Mommy and Daddy


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