Happy Birthday to…Me!

Today I wave good-bye to twenty-seven and usher in the year of twenty-eight.  In honor of this momentous day, I thought of twenty-eight lessons I have learned since making my debut into the world.  Enjoy!

The husband can't believe I'm publishing this ugly baby picture.

  1. Dairy Queen ice cream cake is the best cake out there.  No competition.  If you haven’t had it, try some.  Today!
  2. Growing up in a neighborhood with fun neighborhood kids is priceless.
  3. Despite what I said when I was a teenager, my parents actually aren’t the worst parents in the world, and I don’t actually hate them.  In fact, today I am very thankful for the limits and rules that I hated fifteen years ago.
  4. When you’re a teenager in a small town, you can find a lot of fun things to do in a WalMart store.
  5. There’s a whole world outside of Savannah, Missouri that doesn’t revolve around Friday night football games or who is dating whom.
  6. The people I wanted to be like in high school are not, for the most part, people I want to be like today.
  7. College is about so much more than the education inside the classroom.
  8. You can learn as much or more from people you don’t like as from people you do like.
  9. There are better ways to brown ground meat for tacos than by using the George Foreman grill.
  10. Although my sister is four years younger than I am, I have learned and continue to learn a lot from her.  She is disciplined, creative, kind, and sassy.
  11. The boy of your dreams is worth waiting for.
  12. If you spend your time looking for the boy who looks and acts exactly like the boy of your dreams, you might miss him.  My husband doesn’t play guitar and sing or stand 6’2”, but he is perfect in every way.
  13. Good friends are worth investing in.
  14. Friends with lake houses are very valuable friends.  I’m currently taking applications.
  15. I used to think I didn’t like traveling with other couples/people, but I just hadn’t found the right people to travel with.
  16. Travel.  Travel more.  Travel to places far and near, safe and scary.
  17. Don’t get into credit card debt.  Or any kind of debt.  Financing a car is not necessary, car payments are not a given.
  18. A budget sounds restricting, but when done correctly is actually one of the most freeing tools in life.
  19. Little 12 pound dogs can bring one great joy.
  20. Plan and research things thoroughly, but then make a decision.
  21. Never leave your computer unlocked when you work with pranksters.
  22. It is important to discover what you really want to do professionally, but find a way to pay your bills in the meantime.
  23. What is right for me may not be right for you.  That’s okay.
  24. Some things work too perfectly to be coincidences.
  25. My faith is more about the “dos” than the “don’ts,” more about the love than the rules.  I believe that’s how Jesus’ faith was.
  26. Sometimes it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.
  27. My next house will have a fenced in yard and will not have glass shower doors.
  28. Giving of time and money are the most important, worthwhile things I have done in my twenty-eight years.

What lessons have you learned?



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to…Me!

  1. Allison

    We did have some fun times in WalMart 😉

  2. I’m glad to have found your blog! Our Ethiopian born son joined our family in March of 2010 (we have 2 bio and a Korean born son as well)…and it sounds like you’re around KC! I hope everything gets straightened out with your adoption soon! The ups and downs are so difficult. Hang in there and I hope you had a happy birthday!

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