Our Ride Gets a Little Crazier…

Originally written August 9th, 2011

Once upon a time, I wrote about how I hate when people say “once you adopt, you’ll get pregnant.

Looks like we are becoming a statistic.

The week of August 1st I suspected something was up.  I kept getting headaches.  I seemed a little more tired than usual.  Traffic made me queasy.  None of these things were overwhelming, but when combined with a late period I decided to take a pregnancy test on August 8th.

I hate pregnancy tests.  Despise them.  I have taken several before, I have sat there with my heart pounding for the torturous three minutes only to have my dreams crushed for another month.  I won’t take them unless I am pretty late.  And by August 8th I was pretty late.  This time I didn’t have to wait the slow three minutes.  This time that elusive second line appeared.  It appeared quickly, but it was very faint- not the exact confirmation I was hoping for.  I believed it, but I didn’t really believe it.  I went about my day.

I went to the health clinic at work, where they confirmed what I had learned that morning- I was pregnant.  I was pregnant.  I was pregnant.  After over two years with no luck, I was pregnant.  A few months away from bringing our adopted kids home, I was pregnant.  I was pregnant!

It didn’t turn out to be my most productive work day.

Mark’s birthday was in two days, August 10th, and I knew this would be the perfect gift for him.  I was going to wait until his actual birthday, but when our plans got cancelled that night I knew there was no way I could wait to tell him.  I had already planned to get him pilot flying lessons, a good gift in itself.  I teased him about how great his gift was all day.

When I got home, I made Mark hide while I got the gift ready.  I put a Royals onesie, Mizzou binkies, the positive pregnancy test, and a note in a gift bag and covered it with lots of tissue paper.  Then I put the card on top with the gift card for flying lessons.  I had teased Mark so much that he was actually nervous about opening the gift.  The fact that I was standing there with the camera (only after I realized the camcorder had a dead battery) did not help.  He knew I was expecting a big reaction, and he didn’t want to let me down.

He was excited about the flying lessons.  Then he tore into the gift.

He was a little unsure.  He looked at me with deep, wide eyes and said “Jayme, what are you telling me?”  Later he told me he didn’t know what was going on.  At first he thought we got an Ethiopian court date, but he knew these things were too small for our adopted kids.  He started thinking I was pregnant, but worried if he guessed and was incorrect, he would ruin the whole gift.  Then he found the note.  As he read the note, he realized. Tears filled both of our eyes.  We have been waiting so long for this moment and it did not feel real.  We hugged.  We kissed.  We cried some more.  Then we went to ColdStone to celebrate.

We are unbelievably excited and feel blessed beyond belief.  We are shocked.  We are worried about the health of our baby- it feels like after our struggles to get pregnant, the pregnancy won’t be easy.  We are worried that our court date will be pushed out to a point where it’s unsafe for me to travel.  We are worried our adopted kids will get home the same week I go into labor.  We are worried about where five beings will sleep in a two bedroom house.  We are worried about the value of our house.  I am worried about pushing something the size of a watermelon out of….nevermind.

We have a lot on our minds, but we could not be happier.  We are so so so excited and feel like the luckiest kids in the world!  The transition from DINKs (double income no kids) to being outnumbered….in a matter of months…is going to be interesting.  It’s going to be crazy.  But it’s going to be fun.



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13 responses to “Our Ride Gets a Little Crazier…

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Wowzers! Let the ride begin!

  2. Emily

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing?! And what a great shcok of surprise! I read this while I was at my desk and started tearing up. Congrats to you two and your continuously growing family. God is good, always!

  3. bj

    reading this made me cry all over again!! I’m SO EXCITED for you guys!!!!!!!

  4. Shannon Addington

    OH MY GOD!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am SOOOO happy for you two I could explode! I’m sitting in the middle of an extremely boring seminar and read this and wanted to jump up and scream with joy! I love you guys and God has blessed you with a houseful of wonderful blessings!!

  5. anne

    yay!!! tears are still flowing. love to you both!

  6. that is so awesome! Mark this afternoon shared it in the locker room at the end of the workout, and it was a fantastic surprise to hear!

    Me and Mark were just then working on ideas of what to name the TLC show staring you guys.

  7. Cristy T

    Congratulations Jayme! ! That is very exciting!

    PS. Maybe name the show something like… The Tigers’ Den because they have multiple cubs ya know, and you went to Mizzou and… oh nevermind- just a big ol’ congratulations!

  8. Tiffany Moody

    Hi Jayme, I know Mark from middle school/high school and I think I met you once briefly at a wedding several years ago. I just read your post and I’m so excited for you both. I have been in your shoes, struggling to get pregnant for 3 years and finally giving up at having our own biological child. We had also decided to look at pursuing adoption, but hadn’t really started on the process yet. Then right around then I found out I was pregnant. I had all the same emotions as you and worried throughout my pregnancy. Afterall, how could my prenancy be easy if it was this hard to get pregnant?!? I just want to let you know that my pregnancy was really good, no real problems, and 40 weeks later we got our healthy baby girl Madison who is now 1. So don’t stress and just enjoy the whole experience for what it is: a wild crazy totally anxiety provoking ride! Hopefully this gives you hope and peace. Life’s blessings come at strange times! God does have a sense of humor indeed.

  9. JAYME! What incredible news! I’m thrilled for you and Mark. I know I’m terribly out of the loop and disconnected from the old ‘circle’, but I love that technology allows me to keep up with your lives. I wish you two the best, and I’d love to see you guys soon!

  10. Emily B

    OMG CONGRAT’S! I can’t stop crying. I wish I was there to hug you both…yep hugs!

  11. Kerryn May

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations! I feel your fear and anxiety and excitement! Who knew you’d be “expecting” THREE kids all at once?!? God has a funny sense of humor, huh? God is so amazing…ALL the time!

  12. Brynn Owings

    Congratulations to you all! I went to high school with Mark also, and believe we met at the 5 year high school reunion! I’ve been following your story from the beginning! I cried when for you when you found out you were getting your kids, and I cried today reading this knowing you’re getting yet anotther lucky kid to join your ever expanding family! I’m so happy for you guys! You and I are probably due pretty close together too! I’m sure everything will go great for you all! You deserve it! Congratulations again!!

  13. Lauren

    Oh my goodness! Congrats so much! Reading this brought tears and goosebumps!

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