Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I have already written my next few posts about what we’ve been doing since we found out the news and how the first doctor’s appointment went, but I was so overwhelmed by your comments that I wanted to respond to them first.




Holy Moly.

I knew when we posted our big news that we would get lots of comments, lots of congratulations, lots of likes on Facebook.  What I didn’t anticipate is the overwhelming sense of support we felt from you.  People I barely know said they cried.  A girl at work jumped out of her chair and screamed.  This blog had a record number of single day hits.  People sent personal messages saying how much our story has touched them.  One old friend even blogged about it.  I can recognize that our family story is quite interesting, and I’m following it just like you are.  I feel less like the writer of the story and more like a willing lead character, anxiously awaiting whatever lies next.  I am humbled by the adventures the writer is taking us on, and honored that he’s chosen our family.  I’m not quite sure how infertility, one of the most painful experiences of my life, has turned into all this.  Thank you for taking a few minutes out of every week to read about our crazy adventures.  Thank you for all your kind words. Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for caring.

And now, a few questions I’ve been asked several times:

Due Date?

April 3rd.  Currently about 10 weeks along.

Are you still adopting?

Of course!  We feel just as committed to our kids in Africa as we do to the one in my belly.

Will this affect the adoption?

No.  Our adoption is still going much slower than anticipated.  This will not speed things along, but it should not slow them down either. We have zero idea if we will get our kids before or after baby.

Will you be able to travel for adoption?

I sure hope so.  I will be crushed if I can’t.  Doc said I can travel up to 32 weeks as long as the pregnancy is uncomplicated.

So you’re really going from zero kids to three?


Are you moving?

Hopefully.  If we sell our house, we’ll have to take a pretty sizeable hit, and we’re not prepared to do that.  We want to build our next house, but we’re not ready to do that either.  Perfect scenario is we find a renter/rent to owner for our house, and we rent a single family house for a few years. If you’re interested in the listing, send me a message (don’t want to post my address here).

Will you stay at home?

No plans to.  I have a lot of friends that stay at home and I think they are awesome, but that’s just never been my desire.  I am blessed with a job that has a lot of flexibility and vacation, and a manager who is awesome about working with me during this crazy time.

How have you been feeling?

Great!  Seriously great.  I can barely tell I’m pregnant.

Have you been to the doctor?

Yes, and things looked good.  More to come on this later.

You didn’t post a picture of Mark finding out!

Oops.  Despite my best efforts, I didn’t get a great shot of him opening the present and reading the letter (anyone have a good DSLR camera they are selling?)  But, here is an okay one of him afterwards:


Lots of love to you, my friends.


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2 responses to “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

  1. Jenn Pres

    I’m beyond stoked to see what the Lord has in store for your growing family. I was so excited last night, I had to call my mom right away to tell her the great news. The Lord is so very faithful. Your journey is a testament of His goodness. We love you guys and will continue praying for you.

  2. Kaydee

    You five sure do have a lot of people who love you, that is obvious! And, there is good reason for that. Give Nugget some kisses for me 🙂 I will blow my own to Squirt 1 and Squirt 2.

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