My Husband Doesn’t Like Journey.

I casually mentioned this on Facebook several weeks ago, and the response was overwhelming.  And hilarious.  People said things like “And you still married him?”.  Journey videos were posted on his page.  Posts that had nothing to do with Journey or music received comments about Journey.  Slowly, he began to realize he was quite possibly the only child of our generation who felt this way.

Fast-forward to this past week.  On my way into work one morning, Don’t Stop Believing played on my iPod and I felt an overwhelming desire to go to a piano bar.

Saturday we went with some of our closest friends.  We had a good dinner and then had fun laughing at the drunks and moving to the music.

Our friend Tanya even did her first plank:

Right in the middle of all this fun I heard my name being called to the stage.

I froze.  I have been to piano bars before.  I know what they do to people on stage.  It almost always involves a good dose of sexual innuendos with a side of inappropriate movements.

I shot my friends a Look.  I couldn’t figure out who had sent me up there, there to that embarrassing place.

They kept calling my name, so I had no choice- I went.

The guy said he heard I was having my first baby and he wanted to celebrate.  He asked me a few questions and I nervously answered.

He then told me that while I was sitting on the piano, he was going to start playing a song.  It was my job to get a good reaction from the crowd.  He said I would have to do some cheerleading.

That I am good at.

He played a few chords.


There was not enough room to do a backflip on stage, so my normal cheer-inducing skill was of no use.

So I had to turn to my other skill.

Booty shaking.

It worked.

He launched into the full song, and it was two-and-a-half minutes of Journey bliss.  Turns out that Don’t Stop Believing is actually a pretty appropriate song for our nugget.  It also turns out that $20 ensures they embarrass your friends for what seems like a VERY LONG time.

It was fun, but Larry Stringer better watch out.  There will be payback!




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4 responses to “My Husband Doesn’t Like Journey.

  1. Lar

    Don’t stop believing.

  2. Tanya Appling

    Oh, my! What a great time!

  3. Aunt Di

    Please….no back flips with my great niece/nephew on board!

  4. judy

    We are so sorry to read of the adoption posponement and hear how your hearts are broken. Your expectations over the past months of becoming these two children’s parents was an adventure in your lives you were so passionate about. It is truly a loss and grieving is a part of losing. I am very proud of how you have tried to sort through your feelings during this time and still realize that God’s Will in this is before ours. While we sometimes question or try to understand His Will that is not lack of faith. When we are searching for answers we are searching God and draw closer for comfort. Not always knowing the reason or why something does or does not happen is when we go to faith and know that He does know and have has a plan and purpose for our lives in everything we do. Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you Jaymee and Mark, plans for your future

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