An Ode to Our Social Worker

Have I ever told you that we have the best social worker in all the land?

I remember the first time I ever talked to her.  I had filled out an online form requesting information from the agency, and she called me right away.  When I explained that we were doing infertility treatments and were just exploring our future options, she was so nice and understanding.   She was incredibly sensitive to our infertility struggles, she didn’t push us towards adoption, and we talked for quite awhile even though we weren’t serious about adoption at the time.

A few months later, we met her for the first time at Blue Nile Cafe, a local Ethiopian restaurant.  I had hesitations about going here- I’m sort of a picky eater, and we weren’t even really considering adopting from Ethiopia at this point.  Over lunch she answered all our questions about adoption and helped us figure out what would be the best choice for us.  It was shortly after this meeting that we started seriously considering, and eventually decided on, adopting from Ethiopia.  We had one of those first meetings that necessitates a hug at the end.  It felt like we had finished lunch with a close friend rather than someone we had just met.

She did our home study and held our hands through the paperwork part of adoption, and then we started working with the people at our agency’s headquarters.

When we found out there was trouble with our girl’s papers, she was one of the first people I called.  Although my friends and family are great, she understood things in a way that most people can’t.

When we found out I was pregnant, she rejoiced with us.

When we found out they wouldn’t let us continue our adoption until our baby is one, I left her a tear-filled voicemail.  She called back and offered words of encouragement and comfort.  She told me she had been praying over our situation like she had never prayed for a client before.  She let me be sad, but she also helped me begin to realize that sometimes His plan is bigger than our plan.  The value of her words that day had immeasurable significance.

Today I got the mail and found a card.  A wedding invitation or a thank you card, or maybe a Halloween card from my sweet mother.  No.  No, it was a card from our social worker.

It was a simple Hallmark, designed for someone who has lost a baby.

We did lose our babies, so it was fitting.

Inside was a heart-filled note.  We felt such love, such comfort.  Have you ever come across someone that, when you look at them, you can just tell they’re doing exactly what it is they’re called to do in life?  Someone whose passions and talents perfectly align with their profession?  These people are very rare, but our social worker is, without a doubt, one of them. We have been so blessed by her.


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One response to “An Ode to Our Social Worker

  1. Tommy

    Not gonna lie… This one made me shed a tear. Maybe two.

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