An Eventful Road Trip to Dallas IKEA

This past weekend, my sister Kaydee and I went on a little roadtrip.  Have you heard of the store IKEA?  It is a private Swedish store that sells furniture and home items.  They are known for modern and well-designed styles at a low price.  The store has a cult following.  I have always wanted to go just to check it out, but could not justify a trip because unfortunately there is not an IKEA anywhere close to Kansas City.  Nugget gave me a reason, albeit an impractical one, to go.  The closest ones are Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Dallas.  Only one of those is suitable to go to in December- so a Dallas trip was planned.

Just one problem.  The husband hates driving and hates shopping.  He would not be a good companion for the trip.  Lucky for me, my sis agreed to accompany me on this impractical journey.  I picked her up in Springfield on Friday afternoon.

We did fun roadtrip things:

A McDonalds that doubles as an Interstate bridge

Carrie Underwood's high school!

We stopped and saw the devastation that still plagues Joplin, seven months after that awful tornado changed lives forever:

On Saturday morning, we headed to our destination:

When entering the doors, we were a little overwhelmed until a nice sales lady explained how it all works.  Furniture upstairs, Accessories downstairs.  Follow the path (map provided) and you will see everything.  If you like furniture, write down the item number on the paper they provide.  When exiting the store, you go through a self-service warehouse.  If you are getting furniture, you can get it at that time.  Easy.  Actually less overwhelming than most ginormous stores because it was laid out so well.

We spent a few hours moseying through the path.  They have awesome organization stuff- it made me feel sad about my closets.  I needed to get some nursery furniture, but I had a feeling I would not find it at IKEA, and I was right.  We did find some kitchen items, some rugs, and some A-MA-ZING light fixtures.  I have a thing for light fixtures.  I can’t wait until the nursery is further along and I can show you- and I will expect appropriate oohing and ahhing at that time.

We got lunch and talked about what we should do for the rest of the day.  I was in baby-mode and started checking CraigsList for furniture.  I found three sets I was interested in.  One lady got back with me right away and we set up an appointment.  A second person got back with me later, but I decided I didn’t like that set so well after all.  We went to go see the first set and got stuck in a traffic jam.  I kept thinking about the third set and took the traffic jam as a sign that the first set wasn’t meant to be.  We turned around- and the sign must have been right, because shortly after we heard that the third set was still available!  Score!

While waiting to hear when we could go get it, we headed back to IKEA to get one more light fixture.  After driving in a literal circle for 30 minutes trying to find ice cream, we finally headed to their house.

We LOVED the furniture.  But one small problem…no way was it fitting in the car.  Since I was 8.5 hours away from home, this put us in quite the dilemma.  I thought about making a second trip.  I thought about shipping it home.  I wondered if I knew anyone in Dallas that would be coming to Kansas City.  Then  I had a lightbulb moment: why not rent a Uhaul?

Well, I can tell you several logical reasons why not.  The main one is I have never towed anything in my life.  My parents have a camper we tow regularly and I am terrified to drive with it.   But my love for the furniture overpowered my good sense and we started calling around.  It was 6:50.  UHaul closes at 7:00.  The first several we called had nothing for us- and then we had success!  We reserved the UHaul for the next morning and paid the people.

Back in the car, I realized I forgot a rug at IKEA.  We went back for the third time that day.  Then we went to the mall for the third time that day.  Finally, dinner and bed.

Sunday morning it was raining pretty hard- what better weather to tow something in for the first time?!  The UHaul guys hitched us up (which was good since I have NO idea how to do that), and off we went.

Luckily, the people we bought the furniture from were SUPER nice and took really good care of us.  They moved the furniture and took special care to make sure it was tied down properly.  Since we had no towels, blankets, etc, to protect it with, they gave us some.  Since we had no tie to tie it down, they provided that too.  They also taped the drawers shut and made sure we were ready for the trip.  I am going to send them a thank you card.

Here’s Kaydee (and me, when I’m not taking pictures) standing under an umbrella while the sellers do all the work.

The ride home was enjoyable and not as terrifying as I thought it might be.  All was well until Mark opened the Uhaul door and we saw the furniture….in pieces.  Drawers had fallen out.  A door was hanging on by a hinge.  Shelves were displaced.  Wood was scratched.  Not good.  I almost cried.

However, I think it is salvageable.  It will never be in the pristine condition we bought it in, but that just adds character…right?  Here is what it looked like when we bought it (pictures from ad):

Now we have our work cut out for us to get this looking good again!

All in all, the roadtrip was a blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better travel companion than Kaydee.  The weekend was spontaneous, inefficient, and definitely eventful.  I will say one thing….Nugget better like this furniture!


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