Six Month Pregnancy Update

My due date is in exactly 3 months.

13 weeks.

One week from today, I am officially in my third trimester.

Holy moly guacamole.

I haven’t blogged a ton about my pregnancy, but thought that these milestones  called for an update.  The time has flown by, and I hear the last few months go by even faster.  Not sure I’m prepared for that.

The Baby:

Nugget is currently about 2 pounds and a little over 14 inches.  All of his organs are developed.  She can open and close her eyes and suck her fingers.  His brain is active, and he can hear my voice and things happening outside the womb.  Her lungs are still developing, but are breathing small amounts of amniotic fluid.  If Nugget is a boy, his testicles are descended.  If Nugget is a girl, she already has all of the eggs she’ll ever have in her entire life.

Activity Level:

Nugget is an active little thing.  I’ve been feeling a ton of movement for close to two months now.  The activity level of unborn babies can vary- some of my friends have reported feeling very little movement at this stage, but I feel it dozens, if not hundreds, of times each day.  One of the midwives noticed how active he was and told us that we might want to start childproofing the house now!  Last week, I saw my belly move from the outside for the first time!  The first few times it happened, it just looked like I had the hiccups- but I didn’t.  Today I actually saw something moving around under my skin, like a little alien trying to get out.  Very weird.  Very cool.

Changing Body:

I have been feeling great.  My belly is growing- I’ve gained about 18 pounds!  Normal weight gain is 25-35 pounds for the entire pregnancy, perhaps a little more if you started off thin.  So, I could gain just a few more pounds or close to 20 more pounds!  I’ve been in maternity clothes for awhile now.  Depending on what I wear, I can really flaunt it or practically hide it.  Usually I flaunt it 🙂   At this point, I am quite fond of the belly.  I don’t mind people touching it.  I love the visual reminder that I am toting around a little one, and it’s not so big (yet) that it gets in my way, though putting on my shoes and socks is becoming just a little difficult.  My new found curves make me feel womanly.  My belly button is weird looking.  The top part of it has “popped” but the bottom half is holding on,  like a reverse slide into my stomach.


I feel so lucky that this has been an easy pregnancy.  I have a definite increase in appetite, but no weird cravings.  I am having some back pain- especially in the morning- but I blame that more on our new mattress than the pregnancy.  Did you know pregnant women get leg cramps?  I never knew about this symptom, but it is thought to be caused by the expanding uterus putting pressure on the blood vessels that go to the legs.  I’ve only gotten them a few times, but those times they’ve been bad enough to wake me up at night.  The only other symptom I’ve had is a little skin tag/wart thing that showed up on my belly pretty early on.  It’s ugly and drives me nuts, but the midwife says it’s not a big deal and should go away after Nugget arrives.

Besides those minor annoyances, I don’t even really feel pregnant.  I have not had heartburn or constipation.  I am not swollen (yet).  I have had normal amounts of energy since the second trimester began; I even went out dancing on NYE.  I haven’t been even slightly nauseated.  I also haven’t noticed glowing skin or thick, beautiful hair.  I don’t think I’ve been moodier than normal, but the husband would have to vouch for that.  It’s been an easy go thus far; in fact, I’ve really enjoyed being pregnant.  Hopefully that holds true for the next several weeks.

The Husband

Mark has been great through this all.  He has always said, even before we were seriously talking about having children, that there’s no way he could watch the actual delivery.  He has a queasy stomach and has passed out twice in the past due to witnessing medical issues.  When I actually got pregnant, he realized what a special opportunity it is and began rethinking that decision.  To prepare himself, he started watching birth videos!  I think this is adorable, and amusing, especially since he does this in his cube at work.  He loves reading about the weekly developments- he often sends them to me- and is looking forward to the birthing classes we’ll take in the future.  He has been doing extra around the house, looking out for me, and generally just being great.  He is not offering daily massages, but I can usually get a few minutes out of him if I look really pathetic and stick my belly out as far as I can.  I’m thankful to have a husband that is so involved and can’t wait to see him as a daddy.


We still have a lot to do before Nugget gets here.  We have the crib and some things that friends have very generously passed on to us, but still don’t have a single diaper (well, I have some cloth ones from a friend but have no idea how they work), a car seat, a stroller, a monitor, a breast pump, etc.  I have several projects I want to complete before she gets here.  I have requested that our friends not have a shower for us, because they just did a few months ago for adoption.  We still have lots of gift cards left over from those showers.  My family is having a shower for us that should help with some of those needs, and we’ll use the gift cards for the rest.  It is a little overwhelming trying to figure out what you need vs. what is just marketing.  Once you figure out what you need, there are enough options to drive a sane girl crazy.  I’ve been relying a lot of my Facebook friends to help me sort through things!  We also have no idea what we’ll be doing for daycare or a pediatrician, and would love suggestions on those things.

So, things have been going really well- better than I could have wished for, really.  No complaints about this pregnancy whatsoever, and although we’re beyond excited to meet Nugget, I hope the next three months don’t go by too quickly.  I want to savor each and every belly-growing moment.

Oh, and here’s a belly picture:

Me in all my glory



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4 responses to “Six Month Pregnancy Update

  1. Anita

    Jayme – I am not really sure that this picture truly depicts the growth…if it does, then you need to get some meat on those arms, girl! It looks like I could snap your arm by thumping it. LOL! Anyways, I am glad everything is going so well. Miss you guys!

  2. Lol, Anita. Babies don’t grow in arms… 😉

  3. Sarah

    I think I know what you’re having!

  4. judy

    Well, it’s for sure you aren’t having twins–must be a boy and in your back and hips your baby bump is a baby bump! Glad you are feeling so well being prego, does Mark have any cravings? Gary craved bread and butter pickles when I carried Jen, I just LOVED FOOD, ANY FOOD, LOTS OF FOOD! Can’t wait to meet Nugget!!!! So happy for you both!

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