Power Hour!

The husband and I regularly partake in a tradition that I credit with strengthening our marriage.  It’s not counseling or family time or going to church or taking long walks.  It’s nowhere near as wholesome as that.

But this tradition gives us time to really talk, to focus on each other without the distraction of the phone or annoying drivers or the t.v.  It puts us across the table from each other, for hours at a time, with nothing to do other than share our innermost thoughts, fears, and dreams.  We talk about our adoption, about Nugget, about our families, our jobs, our friends, God, our future plans.  Nothing is off limits.

The tradition is called Power Hour.

Have you heard of it?  The premise of the game is to take one shot of beer every minute for an hour.  We discovered it in college, when we were much less serious in our conversations and much more serious about enforcing the shot-a-minute rule.  Now that we are responsible and mature grown-ups we sometimes let 10 or 15 minutes pass without a single shot.

The material requirements are very simple.  To begin, you just need a shot glass and a drink for each person.

My drink was pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and a little grenadine. That was good but super sweet, so I walked on the wild side and alternated it with water.

Next, download an app to keep track of the time.  This is a real advancement over our college days.

This was from Google, we did not play at 4:53 PM.

Add a handsome husband and you’re good to go.

So the next time you’re racking your brain about what to do for date night, fret no more.  Grab a couple shot glasses and prepare for the best conversations of your life.


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  1. Sarah

    Hmmm…….sounds interesting. May have to try this!

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