Maternity Pictures!

Recently our friend and neighbor Chris took pictures of Mark and I.  Chris used to photograph for the Kansas City Star and now works for KCTV5.  He runs Brightlight Photo Studio on the side for lucky people like us!  I don’t usually like how I look in photographs, but Chris was able to work magic and gave us some great pictures.  We headed for the fields behind our house on a Friday with perfect weather.  Here are some of our favorites:

Today, at one week out, I am feeling unbelievably blessed.  Lucky to be married to such a supportive, loving, generous, hot guy who is going to make a great daddy.  Blessed to experience an easy pregnancy and blessed to feel the miracle of new life growing inside of me.   Thankful that our heartbreaking journey through infertility is coming to this.   Blessed for the back aches and the itchy skin and the cankles and for being the designated driver for nine months.  Lucky that our first child is being born into great circumstances- at a time when we have stable jobs, a loving relationship, live in a free country, and have access to everything we could ever want or need.  Thankful for each moment of a pregnancy I thought I might never get to know. Life is good.


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