March For Babies

March of Dimes.

It’s one of the most well-known nonprofits, but its mission to fight prematurity and birth defects has recently taken on a new meaning to me.  Partly because I’ve now felt life growing inside of me and have experienced a mother’s love, and the thought of anything happening to my precious baby is unimaginable.  And partly because I’ve watched helplessly as friends have struggled with these issues.

One of these friends lost her baby last summer.  This past Sunday, a small army assembled in downtown Kansas City to honor his memory.

Just a few of our gang

Now, a small monsoon started a few minutes before the walk.  The walk went on, but we wussed out and stayed under the tent’s protection.  Don’t blame me, blame the baby.  Rain or no rain, our team alone raised over $4,300! A win for all.

PS I find it a little ironic that we brought our 2-week-old son, who was 15 days late, to a march for premature babies.

PPS I’m really sorry about that last post- not cool.  I thought it was obvious that my over-the-top stories were a ploy to get out of dinner duty for awhile longer, but I realize it was not.  I apologize to those I worried, and thank you for your concern.  Postpartum Depression is serious and it was not my intention to make light of it.  That being said, we have a near-perfect baby and are totally capable and have the time to meal plan/cook.  But if you have a burning desire to bring us dinner at any time, our favorite is Mexican. Or Italian. Or ice cream.  Or anything really. 🙂


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