Why I Love My Husband. And Mom.

Today the husband sent me an email.  “Do you want to do something by yourself or hang out with your friends tonight?”

Let me think about that for point five seconds…YES!

So shortly after we got home for the night, I nursed and got out of there.  I read a book at Noodles and Co.  Now I’m sitting at Barnes and Noble, uploading pictures and blogging.  No dogs barking, no baby crying, no watching the clock to see how long it’s been since the last feeding or dirty diaper.  Just me and my thoughts and the soft murmur of people in the background.  Heavenly.  Thanks hubby.  You’re the best.

My mom is pretty awesome too.  I think what she wants to say is “Can I spend some alone time with my first-born grandchild without you hovering over us?”  But instead what she says is “Do you and Mark want a date night?”

How can we say no to that?

The husband and I have been on more date nights in the 3 weeks since the baby got here than we had been on in the 3 months before that.

Thanks Mom.

I’m working on another post about how things are going, so more info on that soon.  And I promise this won’t become a baby blog.  Just for the next few weeks when things are still so new, then back to your regular programming.

But while we’re on the topic of baby, when we get bored at home we do photo shoots.  Here’s some from today, at 23 days.   Enjoy 🙂

And this is what our baby has to say to any jayhawk fans:



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2 responses to “Why I Love My Husband. And Mom.

  1. He’s a natural at this modeling thing… He even has the whole “covering the privates and look good doing it” thing down!
    PS. Go Mark!

  2. Kelly

    Very cute pictures! It is amazing how tiny babies are. That baseball cap looks huge next to Maclin unless you have jumbo baseball cap. You could put it on his head and take pictures in stages to see how he is growing into his daddy’s hat. He would be swallowed up right not but I bet he would still rock it. Looking foward to more pictures.

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