Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a special day.  It’s a day to reflect on the sacrifices our own mothers made for us.  My mom had me when she was a young nursing student.  She delayed her dreams for a year in order to stay home with me.  Then, my grandmother watched me so my mom could go back to school.  My parents had no money when I was young, but their strong work ethics, smart financial decisions, and the many personal sacrifices they made allowed them to build a very nice life for our family.  I respect and admire my mom for the decisions she has made over the years.  She is generous, kind, and the most unselfish lady I have ever met.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  And Grandma.  And Mom-In-Law.  And Godmoms, and Aunts, and various female mentors.  Here’s to you.

When you’re trying to start a family, Mother’s Day can be hard.  In 2009, we had just started trying to conceive.  On Mother’s Day that year, I looked ahead in excitement to what our family would soon look like.  In 2010, Mother’s Day was a sad reminder of what our family did not look like.  I went through the motions that year, not letting the hurt inside show.  In 2011, we had recently accepted the referral of our adopted children.  We celebrated Mother’s Day thinking about the kids a half a world away that we hoped to soon meet. The husband got me a sweet gift, and we gave our families framed pictures of the kids.  As fate would have it, those kids would never become ours.  We remember them today- their adoption to another family is getting closer to completion!

So here we are, Mother’s Day 2012.  In some ways, it was an ordinary day.  We went to church this morning and then drove to Chillicothe, Missouri, for a high school graduation.  But it was anything but normal.

  • I got five straight hours of sleep last night and have never felt more well rested.
  • I walked into the bathroom this morning to find a sweet card and a beautiful necklace (the husband is really scoring points here).
  • We drove for an hour with a screaming baby and I was only the slightest bit annoyed.

(Really, how can you get too annoyed at that face?)

Nothing is normal.  Nothing is ordinary.  But this is exactly the Mother’s Day I have wanted for the past several years.


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