Moving On is BitterSweet

Six years ago, the mister and I purchased our first house- a brand new townhouse just north of downtown Kansas City.  We thought we’d live here for five years or so and then sell it, using the money we made as a down payment for the next house.

Ha. Ha.

Back then, no one could have predicted what would happen with the real estate market.  If we were to sell now, we would lose tens of thousands of dollars.  But if we want to continue our adoption anytime soon, we need more space- this cute little townhouse is only two bedrooms.

Enter our friend Jen.  We went to college with Jen’s brother.  She lives less than five minutes away from us, just one exit north.  She has a single family home that she has not had great luck selling.  It is too big for her and she is tired of taking care of the house and the yard.

Can you guess where I’m going with this?

Call up HGTV because we are doing a house swap!  For at least the next two years, we are renting to Jen and she is renting to us.  It’s a creative solution to both of our problems, and it should benefit both parties.  We trust each other, but we went through a bunch of official paperwork just to make sure we’re all on the same page and that everything we agreed to is in writing.

Moving day is Saturday May 26th.  Four short days from today.

As easy as moving with a one-month-old sounds, it’s not that much fun.  I’d much rather spend time with him than packing boxes, but we are slowly getting things done.

The new house has a lot of things we’re excited about.  It has a fenced in yard, HUGE closets, a finished basement, 2 car garage, basketball goal, and storage space.  It’s going to be a good thing.

But as excited as we are, we’re also a little sad to leave our townhouse behind.  We have outgrown it, but we have a lot of memories here.  Things like….

  • Borrowing $1000 from my parents to put “down” on the house, because we were so poor when we bought it that we didn’t have $1000
  • Sleeping on the floor our first night here, without any lights
  • Having a painting party when we first moved in, forever causing my mom to know my friend Lainey only as “the good painter”
  • Having a roommate the first nine months we lived here- technically we weren’t living in sin, right?
  • Searching for my first job, driving to work downtown as a temp at State Street
  • Moving the furniture out of the way to practice our first wedding dance in the living room
  • Having no or very crappy curtains, bedding, towels, plates, etc the first few months because we didn’t want to buy anything before the wedding
  • Painting the guest room full of squares while the husband was out of town
  • Having a teenager live with us for a summer
  • Watching the deer and turkey out the back door
  • Slip and slide parties!
  • Moving in the piano, and learning how to play it
  • Walking the dogs in the undeveloped area, playing fetch with Hooch and hoping he didn’t chase his ball down the sewer
  • Praying on those walks that we would have a family someday
  • Curling up in a ball and crying on the floor after getting home from the doctor’s appointment when they told us we’d have to do IVF if we wanted to get pregnant
  • Getting together and sending in our adoption paperwork, and meeting with our social worker to do our homestudy
  • Bringing our first born baby home from the hospital, and rocking him to sleep in his special nursery

Yes, this home has been a very good home to us.

Thanks for the memories, first home.  Now try to regain your value in the next two years, please.


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One response to “Moving On is BitterSweet

  1. Hey Jayme, it was really great to meet you tonight at Aaron and Tanya’s. Your story sounds a lot like our (well, the first part – since we are still looking for direction on adoption.) I will be praying for you as you continue your journey. And hopefully we’ll see you again soon!

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