The Poker Table

My name is Jayme, and I have issues planning things.

It’s not my fault.  I think through every detail, but something always happens that is out of my control.  Like the time I planned a date to Theater in the Park when the forecast looked nice, but we sat for an hour in the rain until the show got cancelled.  Or the date when I planned dinner up north and a play downtown, but the bridge to downtown had a traffic jam at 8pm and we were 45 minutes late to a 1.5 hour play.  Or the Father’s Day Float Trip I planned when the river was too low to float so we went on a hike instead and six humans and two dogs emerged covered in hundreds of ticks and we spent the afternoon picking bugs off of each other like monkeys.

Hold that thought.

Last weekend we moved to our new house.  The move went fairly smoothly thanks to the help of our fabulous friends and family.  I don’t have any exciting stories to report.  We really like the new place.  The things that we weren’t too excited about don’t bother us as much as we thought they might, and the things we knew we would like we REALLY like.  It is so nice to have space for our things and to not be on top of each other all the time.  We have the main rooms unpacked, but the rest of the unpacking is going slowly.  This is partly because of the baby, but mostly because we need some new furniture. The kitchen/family rooms will be getting new floors soon and we don’t want to get the furniture until then.  So for now, the mantle and piano bench are our couches, the counters are our kitchen table, and three boxes are our desk.

One of the things we love about the house is the finished basement.  I like being able to shoo the husband down there, and he says it makes him feel like a king. Not the shooing, the space.  He has talked about getting a poker table for his new man cave, but with all of the rest of the stuff we legitimately need, a poker table is not anywhere near the top of the list.

Still needs some decorating, but you get the idea. Any ideas on how to cover the fuse box on the right?

Father’s Day is in two weeks.  Time to start planning.

Only I forgot about what happens when I start getting excited about my big ideas.

Last week I started looking on Craigs List for poker tables.  I found a nice one, but the guy didn’t want to hold it until Father’s Day.  I convinced him to hold it for a few days until we could pick it up.  The table had a small rip in the felt, so I searched high and low to find someone who could repair the rip.  Then I got the genius idea that rather than simply repairing, why not make it a customized Mizzou table?  Brilliant, right?

The felt guy said he could do that.  I was hoping he could help me get it from Criags List guy and hold it until Father’s Day.  It took him a couple days to get pricing from his distributor.  When the felt guy called me back, he said they only had it in pool table sized and it would be stupid expensive to do it for a poker table; however he offered some ways to do it ourselves and said it should be pretty easy.

So now I need to pick up this table somehow.  I enlisted the help of our one good friend in the Northland with a truck, the same friend who just helped us move last weekend.  I felt awful asking for his help two weekends in a row, but he is awesome and agreed to help.

We planned to meet at Craigs List guy’s house at 10 am today.  The husband had no idea what was going on, just that we were going somewhere to celebrate early Father’s Day.  I was pretty stoked to see his reaction.

Only a couple minutes into the car ride, the baby started crying.  I think he was just trying to say Happy Early Father’s Day, but the husband didn’t see it that way.

At 9:50, Craigs List guy texted me saying he had an emergency errand to run and would be home all day after 11.  I texted back saying I wish he would have told me earlier; that we were already on our way.  I texted truck friend to let him know what was going on and to see if he wanted to wait or reschedule.  The baby cried.  The husband stressed.

We ended up going to Starbucks with the truck friend (and his other friend, who he was helping out after us.  Having a truck is a lot of work!).  The boys hung out while I walked the baby.  Around 10:30 Craigs List guy said he was home, we went and got the table, and all was right with the world.

The table looks pretty nice, right?  But I won’t be planning any more surprises for awhile.

PS.  After looking at it closer, the felt is not something we can do ourselves, so we’ll be calling felt guy back.  If you know anything about that, please send me a note.



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2 responses to “The Poker Table

  1. Jen

    I think once upon a time we tacked up a Mizzou flag sideways to hang over the fuse box!

  2. Emily Copeland

    Try a house shutter over the panel with hinges on one side. That way you can paint it or decorate it any way you want.

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