2 Months Old!

Two months ago today I gave birth.

Eight-and-a-half weeks ago, I had no idea what I was doing.  Sure, I had baby-sat for years, changed hundreds of dirty diapers, and rocked my share of babies to sleep.  I was confident in my abilities to take care of this new little creature.  But what I have learned in the past two months is that there is so much more to parenting than simply taking care of the new little one.

I think there is a grand design to mommys and babies.  The first few weeks as you figure one another out should be tough- but I was on such a high that I just loved every moment.  Sure, it was frustrating when I couldn’t figure out why he was crying.  I’m sure he was frustrated with me too- for shoving my boob in his face when really he was just crying because his arm was asleep, or for putting him down for a nap when he was actually hungry.  Those types of things happened a lot the first few weeks.  But just about the time the high started wearing off, we started figuring this little guy out.  Now, now we know.  Now we know that if he’s been awake for longer than two hours and he’s crying- we need to get him to his crib asap.  Or at least a car ride to lull him to sleep.  Been three hours since he last ate?  Time to nurse.  Just woke up and ate but still cranky?  Time for a change of position, he’s bored.  We’re not really on a schedule- our day might start at 6am one day and 9am the next- but we have pretty established intervals.  As we have figured these things out, he’s rewarded us with smiles and coos- the best rewards of all.

He now weighs a little over 11 pounds. His neck muscles are getting really strong.  So are his leg muscles- I kinda think I’m going to find him standing in his crib one day soon. He loves the vacuum and the outside, especially looking at trees. He could stare at one tree for an hour. He is a rock star sleeper. He’s not a rock star bottle taker, but we’re working on it.  The husband finally got him to take one this weekend by giving it to him while the vacuum was running.  We’re going to have the cleanest carpets in town. He didn’t like his first few baths, but lately he seems to enjoy them.  He recently discovered his fists, and loves to chew on them.  He hasn’t yet discovered it’s much easier to chew on a single finger than an entire fist.  He has no interest in the pacifier.

To celebrate two months of being alive, we went on location for a photo shoot. He told me what to put in the captions…

I’m a cutie and I know it

Working on my heartbreaker look…


Mom knows I fall over when she tries to sit me up!

But instead of helping me she just keeps taking pictures…

She even moved the props. Seriously, mom, help me out here!

Hey, ladies!

Look how strong my abs are!

Really not sure that you’re supposed to be naked in public areas.


Okay, I’m over this. Get me out of here or I’ll puke.


Told you.


Happy Father’s Day (one day late) to the husband.  You are such a good dad already, and I know you’re just going to get better and better.  Our little guy is so incredibly lucky to call you dad.


And happy two months, little man.  We’ve had so much fun!  Thanks for making me a mommy.



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