Mother of the Year

Get your ballots out, time to nominate me for Mother of the Year!

Before I make my case, let me tell you a few things:

  • I’m very lucky to work from home twice a week.  On the three days I go into the office, I wake up early, very early.  I like to get into work early so I can leave early and spend a good amount of time with my baby before he goes to bed.  I wake up a little after 5.  The problem is that I just can’t seem to get to bed before 11…so on office days I usually get around 6 hours of sleep.  And usually the baby still gets up at least once overnight.  In short, I’m tired on office days.
  • We have this Motorola baby monitor.  It’s a good monitor, but I’m not sure I would recommend it because of the lack of one key feature- a mute button!  It has a video feed, a bar that lights up when he cries, and the actual sound itself.  There have been many times when I have wished I could watch the screen and watch the bars, but not actually hear him cry.
  • Our baby is a strange sleeper.  Sometimes he starts crying, I mean really crying/screaming,  in the middle of his sleep.  You start to think that not only is he for sure awake but that he’s going to spend the next 20 minutes ticked off.  But by the time I get to him he is over it and peacefully sleeping again.

Okay, so why should you nominate me for Mother of the Year?

Today was an office day. Sometime in the middle of the night, I didn’t look at the clock, I hear that familiar cry.  I wake up from a deep slumber and think that I’ll give him a minute to see if he gets over it.  He doesn’t.  I am really tired so I decide to give him another minute.  But since the monitor has no mute button and I don’t want to wake the husband, I turn it off.  His room is right down the hall, so I figured I would just listen and then either go nurse him or turn the monitor back on.  The loud fan in our room totally didn’t muffle his crying at all.  Can you guess what happened next? I fell back asleep.

Our baby woke up crying, and I turned off the monitor and went back to sleep.

On your ballots, remember it’s Jayme with a ‘Y’.

*I’m happy to report that baby was peaceful and happy, albeit hungry, this morning.


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3 responses to “Mother of the Year

  1. Willis, Lynette [NTK]

    That is too funny.

  2. I did that several times with poor baby Colin. I felt so awful when I’d realized what I’d done.

  3. sengerson

    Ryan says that’s okay.

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