Five Months!

Everyone tells you that babies grow up fast, but gee whiz!  I feel like I just had this kid yesterday and now he’s already five months.  Next thing I know we’ll be attending his retirement party!  If I had to describe month five in one word, it would be ‘squirmy.’  This baby will not sit still.  Like, ever.  Even when I’m putting him down to sleep he rolls out of my arms into the bed.  Changing him is practically an Olympic Sport.  We’re getting a lot of smiles but not many laughs yet.  And lots of goofy looks!  This month’s photo shoot has less awwwww- cute! pictures and more hahahahah-look-at-that-goofy-face-he’s-making pictures.  And I just love the way the sun shines through his short little hair.  See for yourself:


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  1. Leah

    I love the chubby little cheeks!!! sooo cute!

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