Six Months!

The husband recently asked if I was going to take pictures every month until the baby is 39-years-old.  I had to patiently explain that no, I would not be taking pictures every month until our son is fully grown…just til he’s a year.

Boys just don’t understand anything.


Including the animals, there are now five boys in my house.  Momma needs a girl!

This month was an exciting one.  Our sweet guy is moving all over the place!  His crawling form has improved from “the worm” to real crawling.  He’s has his two bottom teeth and has used them to try tastes of bananas, pumpkin, avocado, squash, sweet potato, and my nipples.  Mostly he has just had very small tastes, but last week he had about a half jar of sweet potato and loved it.  I think he might be an independent little dude because he likes to grab the spoon from us and feed himself his cheeks.

I hope he starts laughing soon!  The husband and his brothers have full hearty laughs that I love.  His Mimi can get him going a bit, but our little guy is not much of a laugher yet.  It’s actually pretty hilarious- sometimes he tries but he just sort of blows out air and doesn’t actually make any sounds.  We call it his non-laugh- his face and eyes are laughing but his mouth is not.

His cheeks just beg to be kissed…

He seems to be into impressions lately.  Here are some of his best:

A fighter/boxer:

The Thinker:


And A Glo Worm:







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One response to “Six Months!

  1. Leah

    yay glo worms!!! lol oh and the thinker should also be called “The Chewer” as he has a huge leaf in his mouth. Adorable pics! I can’t wait to see him again and cuddle with him!

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