Six Whole Years!

Sunday was our sixth anniversary.  It is impossible for me to tell someone how long we’ve been married without Lady Gaga’s song about chasing after her cool Nebraska guy for six whole years popping into my head.  I don’t even really like Lady Gaga but I love that song.  And now I’m all distracted.  Something, something about this place…

Where were we six whole years ago?

Six whole years ago we were living in a house that we put a whopping $1,000 down to buy.  We borrowed the $1,000 from my parents.  We had  a roommate.  We didn’t know how to budget and were surprised when the cable bill came.  We had credit card debt.  We only had one pet.  We went weeks without eating a single vegetable.  We were in our LOWER 20s.  (I’m still in my 20s, wink wink).  We didn’t know some of the people who would become our very best friends.  None of our friends had kids.  We weren’t involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters or with Jewish Vocational Services.  We were church shopping.  I didn’t know a single thing about piano.  We didn’t have our graduate degrees.  We didn’t have either one of our current cars.  We had just graduated college a few months ago.  We used store bought laundry detergent.  We didn’t have curtains- hoping to get them for a wedding present- and Mark used to sneak out back and unscrew the old lady’s light that she left on all night long.  We hadn’t been to Europe.  We didn’t know what a journey starting our family would take us on.

Nothing is the same as six whole years ago.  It’s all better. When I look at our relationship, I have to say that I hit the jackpot when it came to husbands.  No matchmaker would have set up Mark and myself.  But somehow we work. And it’s mostly because of him.  He is the perfect man for me and I feel so fortunate to have found him.  Sometimes I’m harder on him than I should be- he is truly a good man.


Let’s look back at that perfect day:

I started baby-sitting this little girl when she was Maclin’s age. Her family was like my second family during that time of my life. I don’t talk to them nearly enough now!

Our 9-year-old nephew was just three. He got distracted while walking down the aisle and walked very crooked.

My bridesmaids- a friend from college who just got married herself, one of my best friends from high school, my sister, and the older sister in the family I baby-sat for. All beautiful ladies!

The boys- Mark’s college roommate, his brother, our three college friends, and two more brothers.

Our ceremony had a fall theme, but my favorite part of this picture is how the last groomsmen is standing totally out of line so that he can see!

Turner started scratching at the door right as the wedding was starting. I had to try to get the attention of one of the few people left in the lobby area so they could go hide him in the car. I wanted him to walk down the aisle but got outvoted.

Mark does NOT dance. At all. He’s got skills but no confidence. He promised me he would dance for our wedding, but we ran out of time and money to take lessons…so I watched Dancing with the Stars and choreographed a dance. We moved the furniture in the living room to practice every night.


And while I’m in a mushy mood, I want to thank you for being part of our journey.  Some of you knew us before we found each other and have watched us grow into the people we are today- and we are very different people than we used to be.  Some of you knew us in college and watched us fall in love  from parties at Dan Grzina’s house to AKPsi events and more.  Thank you for standing by our sides, encouraging us when we were down, and cheering for us at our wedding and all along.  Some of you met us post-wedding and have shown us by example what a loving marriage looks like, what hard work looks like, what true Christianity looks like.  And some of you we’ve never met in person, but we treasure our online friendships just the same.  Thank you.  The hubs and I are where we are today because of you.

I just can’t help but get all mushy about marriage, because I love marriage.  Can’t wait to see where we’ll be at in six- or sixty- more years!



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2 responses to “Six Whole Years!

  1. Tommy

    Pretty sure I had a kid. Just saying. However I could not have ever met the two most amazing people ever in my life without college. Your marriage to one of the most amazing guys ever is a win. I would have married him way sooner if I was a chic though. Lucky you. 🙂

  2. Allison

    It was a beautiful wedding! I still remember you telling me a about Mark and that you wanted me to meet him to approve of him 😉 I definitely think you were made for each other.Love you guys!

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