Seven Months!

Little man is seven months old already!

And he’s crazy.

Lately he’s been doing this thing where he flaps all his extremities when he’s excited.  Which makes taking pictures very difficult.  See?

He’s hitting all his large motor milestones very early, which is really exciting  but really keeps us on our toes.  It also makes these little photo sessions very difficult.

Taste is his favorite sense, everything from avocado to dog tails to chairs.

He’s still a great sleeper as long as it is quiet and dark.  But if there’s action going on, he will stay awake for nine hours to make sure he doesn’t miss out.  He is happiest when there’s lots to see and do.  Which also makes getting good pictures difficult.

He’s all “See ya mom, I’m over this.  I don’t know if you know this, but just out that window there’s trees blowing and leaves falling and maybe even a cat walking by.”  And with that, our seven month photo shoot came to an end.

He’s crazy and we love it.  And him.  He is perfect and we feel so blessed to be his mom and dad.


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