Philippians 4:6- Don’t Worry

As we impatiently wait for our adoption to move forward, I am filled with questions and doubts.  There are so many orphans, why must we wait?  What kind of medical needs would we be okay with?  Are we with the right agency?  What’s the oldest age we feel would fit into our family?  Is this ever going to actually happen?  What if we’re blessed with another pregnancy, how does that affect things?  How do we know if a calling towards a certain child is a calling from God or just our impatient emotions?  These questions tumble through my mind endlessly, tossing and turning and leaving me with only more questions.

Last week we had a special guest speaker at our church.  Carl Medearis is an expert on Muslim and middle East relations.  A US native, he moved his family (including his 17 and 4 month old daughters) to Lebanon.  For 12 years they built relationships with the native people, who were eager to learn about Jesus.  Carl became a popular speaker, at times even broadcast across the nation.  His family received death threats.  Their windows were blown out by bombs dropped nearby.  Their friends lost children to war.

Did you read those last few sentences too fast?  Death threats.  Bombs.  Dead Children.

It seems that so many people I know are afraid to drive in the ghetto, afraid to leave their suburban safety bubbles.  Carl’s loved ones certainly thought he was crazy, foolish, dumb.

Carl preached on Philippians 4:6.  “Do not worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.”

Jesus wasn’t afraid of the bad neighborhoods.  Jesus wasn’t afraid of what could happen.  Jesus spent his time healing and praying and preaching, not worrying about what could go wrong.

Carl thinks that spending time worrying is like giving God the middle finger.

Our adoption is not on the same level as moving our family to Lebanon.  But I found Carl’s message extremely inspiring.  If Carl can meditate on that Scripture and not worry as bombs are being dropped around him, can’t I use those same ancient words to trust that our family will turn out exactly how it is supposed to?

I think so.

I think so.


PS. If worry/anxiety is something you struggle with, highly recommend checking out this message.


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    Amazing post from my lovely sister. “Do not worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.”

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