Blog Hiatus

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked to write.  I write to help me think through things, I write to help me process emotions, I write to share funny stories.  I have journals going back to fourth grade when my biggest concerns were what I would eat for an after school snack or what I would spend my $5 allowance on.  As I’ve gotten older, my writing has been on and off.  Before I met the husband I wrote a lot, so worried that since I hadn’t met the love of my life by my sophomore year of college that I would never find anyone.  After I met him I really didn’t write much until this blog, which I started to share our experiences dealing with starting our family.

I take this blog pretty seriously.  Many of you have shared that you love reading it, and I am so grateful for that.  Seriously.  It means a lot to me to know that people are interested in our story and our lives.  We’ve been through a lot over the past 3.5 years and if there’s a positive besides our beautiful son, it’s that we’ve met some cool people and formed some awesome relationships.  This blog has been a great tool to connect with people I don’t know very well (or at all).

But lately I’ve been struggling.  Lately writing has become more of an obligation and less of something I look forward to.  Lately I’ve been racking my mind to think about what I could possibly blog about, and I feel like the content of the blog is getting watered down.  So for that reason I’m going to take a break.  I don’t have any intentions of ending this permanently, just until things pick back up with our adoption or until I’m inspired again.  It may be a few weeks, it may be a few months, it may be longer than that.  If anyone wants to send me to a nice beachfront resort to help me get inspired, let’s talk.

I don’t really know how to end this, but I feel like posts are always better with pictures, so here’s a picture.  The husband is going to be mad at me for making this public 🙂



PS While I’m not blogging, I would still LOVE to talk to you about infertility, or adoption, or home making beauty products, or natural birthing.  Those are my things.  Hit me up!



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4 responses to “Blog Hiatus

  1. Is he wearing a necklace?

  2. Yeah, sometimes I wish I had a girl.

    Just kidding. It’s an amber teething necklace. The stone amber is supposed to be a natural pain remedy. They don’t chew on it; just the amber on their skin is supposed to help. I haven’t used it enough to know if it really works or not…sounds pretty weird to me…but it doesn’t hurt!

  3. Do a blog of your new place – you know – a little house tour! I want to see it. Or an advice column on how to get by on samples of Clinique for all of college.

  4. justjames44

    hahhahaha Val I just died laughing. Well, not really died because I’m still here typing. But you know. Good memories 🙂

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