Date Night Debacle

Hi there.  I missed you.

I didn’t really plan on taking so long off, but life is busy, y’all!  And I’m really good at finding reasons to delay bringing back the blog.  My latest one is that I’m working on a cool custom ribbon picture to replace the current one, but I’m learning Photoshop and it’s taking a long time.  So just go with this one for now, okay?

This weekend the hubby and I had a night that was so blog-worthy it spurred me to bring my blog out of hiatus.

We bought a Groupon awhile back to stay at The Elms, a fancy-dancy hotel about 30 minutes north of Kansas City in Excelsior Springs.  The Elms isn’t just any fancy-dancy hotel- it’s kind of like the hotel in The Shining.  In the 1880s it was thought that the natural springs in the area had healing powers, and The Elms was built to accomodate the thousands that flocked from around the country.  Over the years it has burned down and been rebuilt twice; the current structure was built in 1912.  It has changed ownership many times and survived bankruptcy procedures.  President Truman stayed here when he won the presidency.  Today it’s a popular weekend get-away for locals that like to take advantage of the spa and yummy restaurant.  I had always wanted to stay here, so when the Groupon came along we snatched it right up and started planning our date night.

We rarely pamper ourselves, but since The Elms owes it’s beginnings to the mineral waters we thought we should check out the spa.  You should know that the husband does this thing where he faces a counter, puts his weight on his hands, and kind of presses down to pop his back.  As we were checking into our spa appointment, he did just that…AND THE WHOLE COUNTER CRASHED TO THE GROUND.  It was solid marble and had two metal centerpiece things on it and I thought the sound would never end.  My ears are still ringing.  Immediately the suits came running down as I tried to hide in the stairwell, but then I realized that curling into a standing fetal position and covering my face with a magazine does not hide me at all.  We apologized, they apologized, we said we were not hurt, I didn’t tell them how my phone screen was shattered, and we got out of there as fast as we could.


This picture really does not do the disaster justice.

Only 15 minutes later we had to go back for our massage.  We snuck in as best as we could and anxiously followed our massage people into the room.  This was the husband’s first massage.  As the massage people went over any problem areas, whether we wanted our feet or heads rubbed, etc, the husband went ahead and stripped down.  He was just standing there barely clothed when the massage people wrapped up their little spiel.  Usually they say “okay, go ahead and disrobe to your comfort level and I’ll be back shortly.”  When the lady saw the husband she said “okay, go ahead and…..(hmmm you’re already pretty much naked) get ready…..and I’ll be back soon.”  I swear, I just can’t take him anywhere!

So we made it through our massages and managed not to get kicked out of the hotel before dinner.

After dinner we didn’t have any plans.  We weren’t quite ready for bed but were headed back to our room.  On the way we walked by some sort of party taking place in one of the conference rooms….and decided to join!


Our party crashing was almost successful, until we ran into someone that the husband knew.

Luckily, the guy was cool and even pointed us away from the cash bar and to the open bar!


If you’re ever in the KC area, consider making a little roadtrip and staying a night at The Elms…and once there, make sure to tell them how nice the counter at the spa looks!


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  1. Leah

    lol I would love to view security footage of mark crashing through the counter!!

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