Traveling to Florida with a Baby

We were recently crazy enough to travel to Cape Coral, FL with our baby, our friends, and our friends’ two children. (Sidenote- a lot of bloggers use nicknames for their children so that they are not publishing their kids’ names online.  I’ve been trying to come up with a name for our baby and the creative juices are not flowing.  So far the best option is Wiggles, to denote how much he likes to move around.  I think I’ll give Wiggles a try today, but suggestions are welcome.)

This was our first time going more than 3 hours away with Wiggles, and we were so scared nervous excited!

There are a few things I really love about Wiggles:

  • How active he is- He has always been active, even when I was pregnant with him.  He started walking at 9 months and is now practically jogging.  He never crawls anymore.  He is a very short baby so he looks like an itsy bitsy baby walking.  We call it the Wiggles Shuffle.*
  • How friendly he is- Now that he walks, he loves to walk up to strangers and sometimes ends up in their arms/laps.  I’m totally okay with this.  Don’t judge.
  • How curious he is- Like most kids, Wiggles is a curious cat.  He loves to explore.  Even when he was a very young baby, he rarely was content to sit in his car seat or hang out in a swing to watch the action going on around him.

However, the things we love about Wiggles are the same things that made us incredibly nervous about flying with him.  He is not a kid who will sit in your lap and quietly read a book.  He will not fall asleep if it is not very dark and very quiet.


We lucked out on the trip there.  The flight was maybe 1/4 full- we had lots of room to spread out.  Now, there were a few moments  when I contemplated if it would be better to endure the rest of the flight or for the plane to crash and put an end to his fussiness (but seriously injure no one).  Also, I changed a dirty cloth diaper in the airplane bathroom and I feel like I deserve an award for that.  But, overall, it wasn’t too bad.

The house we stayed in was beautiful.  The best part was the lanai.  Can these please get popular in Missouri?  I guess retractable glass is more expensive than screens.


The weather was hit-or-miss but we did get to visit a few beaches:

Deciding which hat to wear to the beach

Deciding which hat to wear to the beach

We found a playground on one beach!

We found a playground on one beach!


He thought sand tasted delicious.

He thought sand tasted delicious.

We even got to go out on a boat!

We even got to go out on a boat!

That’s pretty much what we did the whole time…hung out at the beach and the house.  And it was wonderful.  We decided traveling with friends is the way to go.  We loved hanging out with them at night, and we even got to go out to dinner by ourselves while they stayed back with the kiddos.

We knew the flight home was more full.  We sat in the back and tried to make ourselves look like undesirable seat partners by leaving the middle seat open with Wiggles standing in it (Wiggles didn’t actually have his own seat; he “sat” on my lap).  When the flight really started getting full, we tried to look even more undesirable by borrowing our friends baby.  No one wants to sit in the middle seat of a row with TWO babies.

But the flight was completely full, so we returned the friend’s baby, scooted over, and let stranger guy have the aisle seat.  He was literally the last person to board.  This flight was not so smooth.  He needed to be entertained constantly.  We stuffed the seatbacks with toys and developed a nice little system where we would distract him with one toy and have another toy waiting ‘on deck’ for when toy A got old.  Each toy distraction lasted approximately 2 minutes.  The flight was 3 hours.  That is 90 toy rotations.  But we didn’t get through them all.  For about 30 minutes I walked up and down the plane aisle while holding Wiggles on my hip.  Then I nursed him sitting shoulder to shoulder with stranger guy.  And the boob I wasn’t nursing from leaked all over and drenched my shirt.  (TMI?  Sorry.)  Luckily you couldn’t tell, but I knew.

So the moral of the story is that we had a great vacation, but I think I’m going to focus on developing teleporting technology.  Any investors?**

*Wiggles Shuffle was first coined by our friend Phil Johnson.

**Investments used at discreation and may not actually go towards teleporting technology.


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