A Birthday Poem

I love the way you clap when someone enters the room

Your crooked little smirk clears away all my gloom

11 months

 I love how you cannot sit still; you’re always on the run

Hiding in the clothes, you cannot think of anything more fun


 I love your blue eyed twinkle when I catch you being naughty

I seriously cannot wait until you learn to use the potty


 I love that living in our house is being on a treasure hunt

And how when you walk your belly leads your front


 I love the way you love to destruct your blocks

You like to talk on the phone using spoons or toys or socks


 I love how you climb on the dishwasher and hand me silverware

Sometimes I find you stuck, standing on your chair


 I love the way you “throw” the ball for your buddy Hooch

I am able to stay skinny because from my dinner you mooch


 I love the way you eat ANYTHING, even peas and corn

I really can’t believe it’s been a year since you were born



 That day changed my life forever, made me a better lady

I had prayed so long for you, my perfect precious baby.



Happy birthday Wiggles!


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One response to “A Birthday Poem

  1. Sarah

    Made me cry with a big ol’ smile on my face. Awesome poem Jayme. Love it! Maclin is such a cutie and a very lucky boy to have parents like you and Mark! Love you all very much!! Love, Aunt Sarah

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