No Poo Failure

By now you know that I like to limit chemicals and synthetic things as much as possible, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I recently went an entire month without shampooing my hair.

It’s not really that weird. There’s a whole movement around this- it’s called no poo. (If it’s on Wikipedia then it’s definitely a thing.) Besides limiting the chemicals I was putting directly on my head, which is pretty much directly into my brain, I was hoping that this would help the bad case of psoriasis I have on my scalp.

The first two weeks were awful. Instead of shampooing, I made a solution with baking soda and water. It was awkward to put on and I looked like a greaser. Ponytails and hats highlight my ears that do not lie flush against my head, so those weren’t options. So I walked around with greasy gross looking hair for two weeks. I had been told this might happen, but I still felt like I might need to change my name to Ponyboy.

To condition, I bought a ginomous bottle of apple cider vinegar and put some in a small spray bottle I kept in the shower. It did not smell delicious. It also did not really work. I have fairly dry hair, and I did this little experiment in the middle of winter. The ends of my hair looked like I rubbed a balloon on them. So I had greasy roots and dry ends….pretty hot!

A few people I know that love no poo were very encouraging. One of them suggested using a make up brush to dust corn starch or cocoa (depending on hair color) to help with the greasiness. That did seem to help some. I was also told to try conditioning with eggs instead of ACV. I used the whole egg and that helped too.

So I was getting into a better routine, but let’s review what’s going on here… I was going to the shower with a box of baking soda, an egg or two, and dabbing cocoa on my scalp. It was getting to be too much even for a wannabe hippie like me.

Anyone need some ACV?

Anyone need some ACV?

But the kicker for me was that my psoriasis did not get better…in fact, it seemed to get worse. After about 5 weeks I could not handle it anymore. I bought medicated shampoo, fair trade conditioner with ingredients I recognized, and basked in my unitchy, ungreasy, yummy smelling scalp once again.

I’ll probably get brain cancer but at least my hair will look good.



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2 responses to “No Poo Failure

  1. brooke.ponce

    You’re too funny!!! Your antics crack me up, but I love how you’ll try anything! There’s a lady on facebook called The Organic Momma. Anyway, she always recommends a a shampoo and conditioner called Beyond Organic. You might check it out:) It was so good to see you this weekend!

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  2. Leah

    I haven’t tried it yet but I found a recipe with 3 parts coconut milk to 1 part aloe vera juice as a shampoo… its supposed to be naturally pH balanced and conditioning..

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