A Boating Weekend Gone Wrong

I’ve always wanted to one day own a boat.  I was born in the wrong state; I am not meant to be land-locked.  I am happiest when it is 110 degrees outside and I’m diving into water or being pulled on a tube.

The husband is not on board with my boat-owning plan, not even a little bit.  He thinks the idea is stupid, that the cost of the boat and the gas and the maintenance and the storage would be way too much relative to how much use we would actually get out of it.  And he’s probably right.  So a few years ago we agreed that while we will probably never own a boat, we would rent one a few times a year.  This year we actually made good on that plan, and this was the weekend!

Smithville Lake is a beautiful lake that’s just a little north of our house.  The husband drove up there Friday afternoon and secured this campsite:

I didn't camp- I want to do a practice run in the driveway before we subject our campground neighbors to a young toddler.

I didn’t camp- I want to do a practice run in the driveway before we subject our campground neighbors to a young toddler.

Saturday afternoon I met the husband, along with some family and friends, at the marina.  The next hour or so were glorious:

Going for a dip!

Going for a dip!

Lots of buttons to push!

Lots of buttons to push!

Baby's got driving skills!
Baby’s got driving skills!

Our friend Tommy and his son's first boat ride- Hayden loved driving!

Our friend Tommy and his son’s first boat ride- Hayden loved driving!

Ma, Da, don't you see those buttons over there? Why are you holding me down?!
Ma, Da, don’t you see those buttons over there? Why are you holding me down?!

Mimi, see those clouds over there?

Mimi, see those clouds over there?

Those dumb clouds started raining on us.  They looked like they were just passing through, so we just anchored and hid under the cover.  Sure enough, the rain stopped and we went on our merry way.

Then I saw lightening.  It was off in the distance, but it made me a little nervous.  I mean, I’m not a boating expert but something tells me that being on a tall object with metal in a body of water is probably not the safest place to be during a storm.

So we found our campsite, parked the boat, and hung out there for a bit.  (Props to the husband, who really doesn’t know how to drive a boat, on managing to do this!)    Wiggles had fun running around the site completely naked after running away during a diaper change.

We couldn’t stay at the site forever, so we got back on the boat and started cruising again.  But….I still saw lightening, and this time it was more defined bolts.  I really felt like a party pooper, but my mama bear instincts were kicking in and I politely suggested demanded that we head back to the marina.  I couldn’t ignore the images in my head of all of us getting electrocuted and dying.  Plus, if I read in the paper about that happening to someone, I would feel sad but I would also think about what idiots they were for being on a boat in the lake during a thunderstorm.  And when I die I don’t want to be thought of as an idiot.  So, we headed back.

Not five seconds after we docked (props to the hubby again) the skies opened up.  The wind was blowing hard, causing it to rain sideways- the dock provided no protection.  I wrapped Wiggles in a towel, kicked off my flip flops, and ran as fast as I could through the pouring rain and to closest shelter, which happend to be a park office building.

Air condition is really really really cold when you’re wet.

Everyone managed to make it safely; the boys even saved the coolers.  We spent the next 20 minutes in this cold office shelter, not sure what was coming.  Was there going to be a tornado?  My mind flashed back to the survivor stories I recently read from the Oklahoma tornados.  We were not in a great place for a tornado.  Could we run to the concrete building across the street?  Are these windows going to burst?  The office workers were radioing rangers about a boat stuck under the bridge; they radioed back that they couldn’t risk themselves to save this boat and to keep an eye on them.  I wasn’t panicing- I didn’t actually think any of this was going to happen- but I was definitely preparing myself for the possibilities.

Wiggles thought this was all pretty entertaining.

Luckily, the wind and the monsoon rain passed and we all made it back to the campsite eventually.  The camper was surrounded by mud and the rain was supposed to continue for several more hours.  The camper was crowded with stuff and people, so the husband made the executive decision to go home….and that was the end of our boating weekend.

Better luck next time?


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