Driveway Camping

The husband and I love to camp.

Not the kind where you sleep on the ground, rolling over sticks while sweating your hiney off.  No, we are not that tough.  A few years ago my parents bought a pop-up camper, which is glorious.  It has beds.  And air conditioning.  My parents rarely use their camper so this year we decided to steal it from them store it for them.

Wiggles is a fabulous sleeper; he slept through the night for the first time when he was just a few weeks old (yes I’m bragging).  However, he doesn’t always sleep fabulously when he’s away from home.  This summer we’ve had the camping itch but we were nervous to take him along- the only thing worse than being up with a crying baby is being up with a crying baby in a small camper with vinyl walls and neighbors close by.

So this weekend we practiced camping in the driveway.


We spent the evening playing outside and familiarizing Wiggles with the camper.  We set up the pack and play on top of the table bed.  We brought out his favorite blanket and his stuffed pal Scout.  I nursed him down and gave myself a high five as he peacefully gave into slumber.


At 9:30 the husband said “Well this is going great!”

I said “It’s been 45 minutes.”

The husband and I continued our camping adventure by sitting in lawn chairs drinking beer in the driveway.  We sure got some strange looks when the neighbors walked by.


Around 11 we heard a little moan.


We ignored it as the little moans became big moans. I walked inside to get something and when I came back out, the husband was holding Wiggles.  We brought him to his crib and continued our camping adventure- just brought the monitor down and slept in the camper by ourselves.  We had a good time even if Wiggles was a party pooper!  The next morning the husband got up with Wiggles (Sundays are his day now) and brought me breakfast in bed (breakfast in camper?)…so although Wiggles didn’t make it, I’d say our “camping” weekend was a success!

It looks like we won’t be camping much as a family this year….next year when he’s two this will be easier, right?!


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